Outdoor Horizons Radio with Guest NPAA Member Greg Karch 6-16-2012

    This week on Outdoor Horizons Radio, the guest is NPAA member and professional angler, Greg Karch. Greg is also in charge and runs the children’s fishing programs for the National Professional Angler Association. Greg will be in Sauk City for the “Take an Adult Fishing Tournament” in August. Karch has a great program for the children and adults. Tony and I interviewed Karch at the NPAA Conference in Minneapolis. http://archive.org/details/OutdoorHorizonsRadio-06-16-12 This is the first time Tony and I have been together in weeks doing our show. Tony’s been fishing tournaments and I was in northern Wisconsin. Tony placed in … Continue reading Outdoor Horizons Radio with Guest NPAA Member Greg Karch 6-16-2012

2nd Annual Coon Creek Trout Fest 5-13-2013

  Hello from Coon Valley Wisconsin!   On Saturday, June 16th, 2012 Coulee Region Trout Unlimited and the Coon Valley Business Association are hosting the 2nd annual, Coon Creek Trout Fest!  This FREE, outdoor festival will take place at Veterans Park along the banks of Coon Creek, an incredibly scenic, blue ribbon trout stream.  Our goal is to attract over 1000 participants to the area for this event.  Last year’s event was a huge success with over 60 booths and 700+ attendees! We expect to grow the event in 2012 and attract hundreds of new attendees, new demonstrations, booths, and … Continue reading 2nd Annual Coon Creek Trout Fest 5-13-2013

New Sportsmen’s Leaders Join the CSF 3-14-2012

New Sportsmen’s Leaders Join the CSF

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation’s (CSF) Board of Directors has four new additions. Each of these individuals brings a unique set of skills, professional accomplishments and a love of the outdoors that will benefit hunters, anglers, trappers and recreational shooters in this bipartisan organization.

Jeff Crane, president of the CSF, says, “The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation’s Board of Directors is the foundation beneath the CSF. That foundation just got stronger. We are lucky to have our current board members, and we’re proud to have these four outstanding individuals join our board. They all have busy schedules and full lives but nevertheless are committed to helping protect and enhance our rights to hunt, fish, trap and shoot.”Congressional Sportsmans

The new members of the CSF’s Board of Directors are:

Ben Carter

Ben Carter is the executive director of the Dallas Safari Club and is based in Dallas, Texas. From1977-2001 he was the marketing manager for Burroughs Corporation in Austin, Texas. From 1985-2007 he was the owner and operator of Ben F Carter Remodeling, Inc., a full-service residential construction company in the North Dallas area specializing in high-end residential construction of new and renovation of existing homes. Ben previously served on the Sovereign Bank Advisory Board in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, he has served as the Director of the Wild Sheep Foundation and as a Professional Member of the Boone and Crockett Club. From 2007-2008 he was Trustee of Dallas Ecological Foundation. From 2002-2005 he was Director of Texas Bighorn Society; he joined the Texas Bighorn Society Advisory Board in 2005 and remains an active member of the board today.

As an avid outdoorsman, Ben has taken 26 of the 28 North American game species, including six different species that qualify for the Boone and Crocket Record Book. He has hunted in Africa, in South America, Russia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and most of the western and southern states. He has a ranch in West Texas that he manages for white-tailed deer, turkey and quail. He has taken all three daughters on international hunting trips.

Ben says, “Personally, I think that our rights to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors are at risk every day. The work the Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation does is critical to keep our heritage alive. We are in the front trenches, and if we don’t maintain our heritage and sporting interests they will be lost. I have taken an active role within the Dallas Safari Club by promoting our Outdoors Adventures curriculum that is now in 110 secondary schools in Texas. By partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife on this program we have presented it to most of the schools in Texas, and we hope to get it going nationwide . Hunter recruitment is something we all should be focused on.”

Chris Gullott

Chris Gullott is the director of State and Federal Government Affairs at Bridgestone Americas, Inc. Prior to joining Bridgestone, he served as vice president of State Government Affairs at the Rubber Manufacturers Association. In this capacity, Chris served as the tire manufacturing industry’s national representative and liaison to state legislatures and governor’s offices. He has extensive lobbying and state legislative experience, having also worked on the professional staff of two New York State Assembly Minority Leaders. Chris serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Fort DuPont Ice Arena, the Congressional Hockey Challenge and has served as a member of the Board of Governors of the Jefferson Islands Club. He also serves as the co-chairman of the L’Enfant Society of the Trust for the National Mall. A 1989 graduate of The Albany Academy, he holds a Bachelor of Arts from Siena College in Loudonville, New York ,and a Master of Arts from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife, Kristen, and their two children.

Jason Hornady Continue reading “New Sportsmen’s Leaders Join the CSF 3-14-2012”

I’m Back!! Finally, I Think Most of My Problems Are Fixed 3-8-2012

It looks like I’m back being able to post, show photos, videos, and write. If all of you readers knew the work that went into almost getting totally restored. If it wasn’t for some great people who work with me I don’t know where I’d be today. Lisa, Phil, and Don did their “wonders” to get me back and able to post and give you quality news and information. I am not a technical person and the problems that I had were not easy ones and very time-consuming. But, my A-Team got things rolling again and we will be back … Continue reading I’m Back!! Finally, I Think Most of My Problems Are Fixed 3-8-2012

Eagle Roost Count Results From Ferry Bluff Eagle Council 3-6-2012

Roost Count Results Sunday, 4 March. 2012 Hello all of you fine counters:   With our mini-winter last week, we more than doubled our eagle count from two weeks ago!    Utilizing 30 volunteer hours, 38 eagles were counted with most of the birds being found down river at the Lone Rock Roost .  It is likely that spring migration is beginning even while local breeders are incubating eggs!    In March, eagles often begin concentrating on Lake Wisconsin and reflect either the wintering birds in Sauk Prairie or migrants moving through our area.  It is a time for transition of … Continue reading Eagle Roost Count Results From Ferry Bluff Eagle Council 3-6-2012

Nasty by Len Harris 2-24-2012

We lived in Milwaukee. My father and mother hated the big city. We lived there because that is where the welding and steam fitting jobs were plentiful. He was born and raised in a small town in northern Wisconsin.He left to hunt or fish every chance he got. He took turns on his trips. One went to Oconto Falls (His) hometown and the other went to (Mom’s) Gays Mills. The trips alternated.Nasty Len

It was the fall of 1958 and our family was in Gays Mills. My dad wanted to go pheasant hunting. My dad and uncle went hunting. The bird hunting was OK that day……..The job hunting was even better! On the way home to Milwaukee my dad sprung it on the family.

While pheasant hunting he ran into a guy that worked at the power plant in Genoa. He was the plant manager. Dad was hired during a pheasant outing to be the new welder there.

My dad was so excited to get out of the big city; he had even bought a house in Gays Mills already. We were moving in 2 days. The house was 33 steps from the Kickapoo River. It was a four bedroom with a large front and rear porch and a huge yard for the children.

My father went in to his job site and contacted his boss. The boss was not surprised at my dad’s leaving. He told dad that “You always left to the sticks every chance you got.” “Have a wonderful life in rural Wisconsin.” My dad made one more stop before he left his old employ.

It was at the company bulletin board. Dad had seen an add on there. “Puppies” to good home. Beagle and Spaniel mix. My dad had always wanted a hunting dog. He loved grouse/pheasant/rabbit/squirrel hunting and figured now that he had a house. He could have his first dog. Dad stopped on the way home and picked up a puppy.

She was a beagle and spaniel mixture. Reddish brown colored with a little wave to her fur on the back. Her original name was Ginger. My oldest sister named her.

Ginger was the ultimate family pet and hunting dog combined. My dad didn’t waste anytime taking her into the wild to hunt. Her first outing was rabbit outing.

Her beagle half was obvious from the get go. She had that beagle bellar…..and stubborn on the track mentality. Dad and Ginger had a wonderful first outing. They harvested three rabbits. It was time to go home to show the family the fruit of their first hunt together…but Ginger was on a hot track.

She was on a rabbit and she wasn’t giving up. My dad sat and waited for her by the Van for 2 hours. Ever so often he heard a bellar in the distant. He finally got disgusted and went home (leaving Ginger there).
(Going home for reinforcements)

Rabbit hunting was about 40 minutes from home. Dad drove home cussing that stubborn dog the entire way. When dad got home he was met by my two oldest sisters and mom in the driveway. They were worried about dad and ginger. Dad was angry at the dog. He was ready to give up on her for not listening properly.

My mom had all the kids load up into the yellow van. Mom and the girls had grown quite fond of the dog and they were going to make dad go back and get her. We went directly to the rabbit place. My mom even offered to have the girls and her look for the dog.

Mom explained to Dad. “Do you want a lazy dog or do you want one that stays on track?” “This was her first time.” “She needs more training.” Dad wasn’t angry at the dog by the time we got there. We pulled off the road and went into the woods to look for Ginger.

She must have heard the vehicle…She met us half way into the woods. Continue reading “Nasty by Len Harris 2-24-2012”