Please Excuse Me For Not Posting the Last Few Weeks 8-29-2017

I’d like to apologize to all my readers. I’ve had some severe medical problems and have not been able to work much on the website. I should be back and running regularly very soon. Please come back and I’ll try try to give you some of all the best activities happening in the great outdoors.I don’t just give information on hunting and fishing info and tips, I try to cover all the outdoors.  Sincerely, Gary A. Engberg Continue reading Please Excuse Me For Not Posting the Last Few Weeks 8-29-2017

TACKLE TECH: Balance-Out Your Spring Fishing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The Tackle Tech Report was developed to showcase some of the best products in fishing you might not have heard about. Included will be everything from upstart companies to innovative and finely-crafted lures and accessories from brands making a push in the North American and International fishing markets.         Alien in appearance, FISKAS’ innovative Balances offer alternative underwater actions that captivate fish of many species.             Add Balance To Your Early Season Fishing   Innovative FISKAS Balances introduce alluring designs, undeniable fascination for fish     Saline, MI (March 28, … Continue reading TACKLE TECH: Balance-Out Your Spring Fishing

Day 3 Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Report

 Winnebago System Sturgeon Enthusiasts:   There were 98 sturgeon harvested on the Winnebago System today including 66 from Lake Winnebago and 32 from the Upriver Lakes (attached table). Today’s harvest included the largest fish of the season to date, both in length and weight.  Gerald Peterson’s 154.9 pound (83.4”) female just beat out Sandra Schumacher’s 154.7 pound fish from opening day.  Congratulations to Gerald on an impressive fish (photo included)!  A second 140+ pound fish (140.6 pounds, 72.5”) was registered at Payne’s Point today by Scott Lehl. Scott and Gerald’s fish bring the season total to 6 fish that have … Continue reading Day 3 Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Report

Day 2 Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Report –

Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Enthusiasts:   Day 2 of the 2017 sturgeon spearing season on the Winnebago System is in the books with a harvest of 115 fish from Lake Winnebago and 60 fish from the Upriver Lakes. That brings the season totals to 313 from Lake Winnebago and 183 from the Upriver Lakes.  We are currently at 19.0% of the adult female harvest cap meaning the season will go the full 16 days.  On the Upriver Lakes we have reached 50.6% of the male harvest cap and 42.1% of the adult female harvest cap.  Therefore, there is a strong … Continue reading Day 2 Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Report –

Sight Fishing Walleye Vid, DIY Ice Rod Holder, Melons of the Week

2. MN. Support metro walleye fishing! The weather is going to be flawless for the Kraus-Anderson Walleyes on Ice tourney on Tonka. You know it’s a good cause when Al is cheesin’ like this: Forgot to mention they’re biting out there. Here’s 1 of 7 that David Joshua caught while fishing a Minnetonka weedline — betcha he’d love to ice that one Saturday: 3. MN: New pike regs for less hammer handles. > “The intent of the new reg, spread over three northern pike ‘zones,’ is to reduce the number of small ‘hammer-handle’ northerns that infest too many state lakes.” … Continue reading Sight Fishing Walleye Vid, DIY Ice Rod Holder, Melons of the Week

Yahara Fishing Club of Madison, Wisconsin

YFC Members:    Four of us fished with Hooked up Charters last Friday & Saturday Feb., 3rd & 4th.  The bite was outstanding both days with limits fast & furious.   Jim has really done his homework getting the best info available to help members be successful. Slick jigs on the bottom with minnow heads or tails was definitely the ticket (no slider hook above it).  A light superline with 6 ft fluorocarbon leader tied directly to the jig was on fire.   Good Luck & Rip some Lips,   Kevin  Lindy Slick jigs-they don’t make these anymore but you can … Continue reading Yahara Fishing Club of Madison, Wisconsin

Ice Trolling tip, Christmas Card Musky, Ziploc Ice Shacks

Everybody welcome Yo-Zuri and Okuma to Target Walleye/Ice! They make quality stuff walleye and ice-heads need — pumped to have them on board!Reminder: If you’re getting this Target Walleye/Ice email for the first time, a friend probably signed you up! Today’s Top 4 Giant musky caught…and caught again.  Mike Fogarty and his family were packing up after a day of panfishing on Okoboji when one of their rattle reels went off! #FutureChristmasCard That toothy trainwreck measured 49″ x 26″ and literally plugged up an 8″ hole! Could tell it was a super-recent catch before even reading the story because that … Continue reading Ice Trolling tip, Christmas Card Musky, Ziploc Ice Shacks

How-To for Hardwater Lake Trout

Walt Matan of Custom Jigs & Spins hoists a fine example of Salvelinus namaycush. A lake trout’s world is wired for eye candy and underwater acoustics. Hardwater Lake Trout Hammer Sweet Stuff from Custom Jigs & Spins Coralville, IA – Underwater, some pretty cool visuals produce compelling cause-effect scenarios, mostly unbeknownst to anglers. Like what happens when jaws snap and gills flare danger red. In the wake of a strike, an explosion of scales and flesh and violence triggers something primal from other aquatic predators in the neighborhood. It’s just one thing we love about lake trout through a hole … Continue reading How-To for Hardwater Lake Trout

Doctor Sonar Newsletter

Your Monthly News & Updates This Issue Side Imaging, Aqua-Vu and Boulders Lowrance Elite Ti training DVD released Lost Fish, How To Find Them With Sonar  Identifying species with sonar Visit Our Website Lost Fish, How To Find Them With Sonar Ever wonder what to do when you are slowly moving jig or rig fishing and lose the fish on sonar? I had these fish near weeds located with down sonar (2D and down imaging) and lost them a few times. Read More Identifying species with sonar Sorry, but it doesn’t work well. We can only make educated guesses. I … Continue reading Doctor Sonar Newsletter

FRABILL: Further Tales of the ICE HUNTERS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE        SECRETS OF THE ICE HUNTERS: VOLUME 4 FRABILL PRO, CAPTAIN PAT KALMERTON, ON MICRO-TUNED FINESSE PRESENTATIONS FOR SHALLOW-WATER PANFISH     Plano, IL (January 26, 2017) – “I do it for the challenge.”   The USCG-licensed captain and guide, Pat Kalmerton, was explaining why he travels across the country to ice fish. As owner of the busy, all-outdoor, Wolf Pack Adventures Guide Service headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Kalmerton doesn’t lack ice time. Yet, on his days off, he travels to new and previously unexplored ice fisheries as if provoked or dared.   To say … Continue reading FRABILL: Further Tales of the ICE HUNTERS