AVIAN-X: Hit the Snooze Button

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       GO AHEAD…HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON NEW X-STAND FROM AVIAN-X HELPS WATERFOWL FIELD HUNTERS SET AND PICK UP DECOY SPREADS FASTER THAN EVER   Port Clinton, OH (June 23, 2017) – The field has been scouted; permission is obtained. The birds have been patterned and a train wreck hunt is all but guaranteed. Phone calls are made and logistics discussed. The number one question? “What time do we meet?” It’s a drill that occurs countless times each waterfowl-hunting season. There are many tasks and details to attend to, not the least of which is setting up … Continue reading AVIAN-X: Hit the Snooze Button

INDUSTRY NEWS: Let the Games Begin!

INDUSTRY NEWS  Let the Games BeginOutdoor experiences abound in late June. Let FLIR and Raymarine be your guide. Minneapolis, MN (June 16, 2017) – Summer doesn’t officially begin until 12:24 AM EST on June 21 – but don’t tell that to the millions of Americans who have already kicked off the season on waterways, campgrounds and backyard decks and patios throughout America.   Right now, there are brats to grill, lakes to fish, streams to paddle, mountains to climb and camping locations to explore all across our great nation. But summer is short and our lists of fair-weather aspirations are long. … Continue reading INDUSTRY NEWS: Let the Games Begin!

Aqua-Vu Unveils Immersive Underwater Fishing App

TELL-A-FRIEND : SUBSCRIBE : SUBMIT RELEASES : ADVERTISE : CONTACT : ARCHIVES Aqua-Vu Unveils Immersive Underwater Fishing App           | June 13, 2017 Crosslake, MN – Don’t be surprised when your smartphone goes full A.I., 3D and solar powered—all at once. Or when your device lets you interact with lifelike holographic images. Or when something called ‘augmented reality’ endows your phone with Star Trek Tricorder powers, scanning, analyzing and enhancing anything in your world. If you’re a mere Earthling-angler, you’re just happy your phone lets you to stay connected with fishing buddies and the latest hot … Continue reading Aqua-Vu Unveils Immersive Underwater Fishing App

The Joy of Bird Feeding, by Jim Carpenter

North America is filled with an amazing diversity of feeder birds. From tiny hummingbirds, chickadees, and titmice to hefty cardinals, orioles, and woodpeckers, we all have the chance to experience the joy of feeding and watching dozens of common and uncommon types of birds wherever we live. How do we attract the birds we want to see? What are the best foods and feeders? What types of birds can we expect in our area and how do we tell them apart? And how do we stop those unwanted visitors from getting all the food and ruining our feeders? The Joy … Continue reading The Joy of Bird Feeding, by Jim Carpenter

ROFF’s Says Gulf of Mexico Looks Good for Summer Bluewater Action

Figure 1: This year’s Gulf of Mexico conditions were derived from a variety of infrared sensors to get SST from NASA, NOAA, and JPSS satellites during March 27-28, 2017. Main features and surface currents are labeled. By: Matthew A. Upton, Greg Gawlikowski and Mitchell A. Roffer Introduction We are providing an early spring analysis of the oceanographic conditions for the Gulf of Mexico region using a combination of satellite data including sea surface temperature (SST) and ocean color/chlorophyll images from late March 2017. We will discuss the overall ocean conditions for the current spring fishing season and how they may … Continue reading ROFF’s Says Gulf of Mexico Looks Good for Summer Bluewater Action

We’ll Match Your Gift, Friend, so Don’t Turn Away

We won’t turn away from this crisis. So your donation is doubled. Donate Now Your gift matched, and your impact is doubled. $1 becomes $2 today. Snowy Owl. Dear Friend, A Snowy Owl is resilient and resourceful, but then it has to be — its Arctic world doesn’t leave wildlife much room for error.   Still, it can’t outmaneuver climate change, which is challenging even the region’s most relentless predators. It’s taking that danger head-on…and the consequences could be grim.   We’re not turning away, Friend, and I know you won’t, either — not when your impact is doubled through today’s donation match. … Continue reading We’ll Match Your Gift, Friend, so Don’t Turn Away

Minnesota Walleye Stamps Available

Ice thick enough for fishing may be on the wish lists of many anglers heading into the holiday season, but there is another present anglers can give themselves that makes fishing better all around the state – a walleye stamp. “Walleye stamps can be purchased any time of the year, even if you already have a fishing license,” said Neil Vanderbosch, fisheries program consultant for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “We use the funds from stamp sales to support walleye stocking.” A walleye stamp validation costs $5 and can be purchased wherever Minnesota fishing licenses are sold. For 75 … Continue reading Minnesota Walleye Stamps Available

Video Release: Gloves for an Elk Hunt 7-17-2016

      Gloves for an Elk Hunt Video Tip from Mossy Oak Pro Staff Karl Badger Mossy Oak Pro-Staff Member Karl Badger talks about the proper gloves for an elk hunt. From gloves for horseback riding to different types of materials, Karl covers the basic needs of a good glove. For Interview Opportunities Contact: Kevin Howard Howard Communications khoward@howardcommunications.com 573-898-3422 Karl Badger Karl Badger lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the Big Game Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Karl is an experienced high country, wilderness hunter; and … Continue reading Video Release: Gloves for an Elk Hunt 7-17-2016

Bowhunt or Die Episode Alert: Let Em’ Grow 7-6-2016

New Episode Alert ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE It’s whitetail season in the Midwest! Neal McCullough has an encounter with a very nice buck on his first day out in Minnesota. Justin Zarr, Tom Alford & Todd Graf all hit the woods and have a great weekend bowhunting in Wisconsin. We also check in with Paul Morrison in Ohio as he show us the bucks he is after this fall. WATCH NOW Tom Alford lets an arrow fly on opening weekend. Todd Graf gets up close and personal. Neal McCullough makes a tough call on a Minnesota whitetail. BONUS FOOTAGE Can?t … Continue reading Bowhunt or Die Episode Alert: Let Em’ Grow 7-6-2016


  Mike Frisch catches walleyes like this one from deep structure close to shore in the fall. Find out where their food is and you’ll find the larger gamefish. This period of time we’re in right now, the time between late summer and early fall, can provide some very good fishing, but it can also be a challenging time to catch fish. The night-time air temperatures are chilly, but the daytime temps are still warm. Thirty degree temperature swings in a day aren’t uncommon at all. These temperature changes, along with shorter days, let the fish know that the times … Continue reading IDEAS FOR EARLY FALL FISHING by Bob Jensen 7-1-2016