eBird News: September 2017

In this issue:

  • eBird annual taxonomy update
  • Bird behavior during the eclipse
  • eBird Mobile trips & tricks: using the app offline
  • eBird data used to enact dynamic conservation of waterbirds
  • eBirder of the Month: 15+ eligible lists with ‘Flyover’ code
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Flame Robin

eBird annual taxonomy update

Every year the eBird taxonomy gets updated to reflect the most current understanding of the evolutionary relationships between birds. This includes newly discovered species, ‘splits’ of one species into two or more, ‘lumps’ of multiple species into one, and more. See what changed on the global list: read the full story on eBird.

Bird behavior during the eclipse

On 21 August, a total solar eclipse left millions of people spellbound across North America. Ever wondered how birds react a total eclipse? Thanks to eBird checklists submitted by more than 1,000 eBirders during the eclipse, we have some answers! Swifts and swallows dropping out of the skies; nighthawks and owls coming out to call and feed; and herons, magpies, and doves going to roost in the middle of the day. Read more amazing first-hand eclipse birding stories.

BirdCast is back!

Autumn is here in the northern hemisphere! Check out the latest migration forecasts for North America on BirdCast as well as updates on interesting migrations worldwide. 
See this week’s birding forecast here.

Moss-backed Tanager

Dynamic conservation using eBird

What if, instead of buying habitat, conservationists could rent it when and where migratory birds need it most? A new paper in Science Advances shows how eBird data have helped make this a reality in California’s Central Valley, where scientists at The Nature Conservancy, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Point Blue Conservation Science have been using ‘reverse auctions’ to pay farmers to create habitat when and where it’s needed.
Read more.

Using eBird Mobile offline

eBird Mobile works anywhere in the world, even where there’s no internet connection. The next overseas excursion or remote weekend trip just got that much easier. Learn about using eBird Mobile offline.

Be a Better Birder giveaway

eBird in September for a chance to become a better birder! Each eligible checklist submitted in September gives a shot to win 1 of 10 free spots in the Cornell Lab’s Be a Better Birder: Color and Pattern. See more.

eBirder of the Month

In September, birds are moving around the globe, often moving overhead without stopping. Submit 15 eligible checklists in September with at least one Flyover code to be in the running for eBirder of the Month and free Zeiss binoculars. Read more.

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