What Will These Adorable Chicks Grow Up to Be?

National Audubon Society
Let These Adorable Birds Grow Up
Every year, birds migrate through all fifty states and six continents to raise their chicks in the pristine habitat of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, rightfully earning it the moniker “America’s Bird Nursery.”  Unfortunately, the Arctic Refuge is under attack. If Congress’ budget opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, it would irreversibly damage one of our nation’s last, untouched wild places, and could deprive countless numbers of baby birds the chance to grow up. Can you tell what each of these adorable chicks will grow up to look like? Test your knowledge of the birds that call the Arctic Refuge their nursery and tell your members of Congress to speak up on their behalf.
Do you know these Arctic chicks?
Photo: Michael S. Wuinton/National Geographic Creative
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