Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament Seeks New Owner for Expansion

  • Time for a Change
    To the Members, Sponsors, Advertisers and Partners of the
    Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament:

    It is time for a change.

    Beach N Boat is a unique concept in fishing tournaments. Nothing quite like it has been undertaken before and we are proud of how far we’ve come in a short period of time. We close our fourth year with over 10,000 members, but we also find ourselves at a crossroads. It has become increasingly obvious that to continue to generate significant growth and remain financially viable going forward, the tournament would be best if taken over by an organization or individual that has a genuine interest in its success because it would stand to benefit greatly from that success.

    Through minimum efforts Beach N Boat can continue to be grown into a major force in the fishing world, be an excellent marketing vehicle and generate a profit. I briefly detailed some of the benefits and opportunities that would accrue to an organization or individual to give an idea of what the event is capable of providing.

    What would an interested party gain through taking over the tournament?

    • An established, profitable, statewide fishing tournament with over 10,000 members.
    • Contact (mailing) list of 7,500 individuals involved with fishing. .
    • Extensive and elaborate website valued at over $50,000. (See
    • Catch N Release Photo Contest.
    • Potential sponsors and advertisers.
    • Experienced resources available to help.
    • Title rights.
    • Management and administrative involvement and direction to ensure continued growth and success.

    How will an interested party benefit from taking over the tournament?

    • A promotional vehicle to highlight your product or organization in a most positive light.
    • A season-long event that offers a variety of ways businesses can be involved and benefit on a group or individual basis.
    • Income generation.
    • The tournament offers the flexibility to include a variety of local or state-wide events within the event to further enhance its benefits.
    • The goodwill and positive press generated by promoting individual and family involvement in healthy outdoor recreation.

    Why does Beach N Boat seek to take on a partner or turn over the tournament?

    • Other priorities that limit the time it can dedicate to the success of the event.
    • Limited capital to properly grow the tournament to its potential.
    • Not enough manpower to cover promotional events such fishing and boating shows.
    • Lack of personal contacts and time to develop the huge market of potential sponsors.
    • The time is right to move on.

    If you are interested, or know of someone or an organization that may be, please contact me via email at

    Thank you for being a part of the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament.


    Captain Mike Young
    Tournament Director