Crows Leave Mark In City & Coyote Snatches Dog 1-10-2014

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Portland crows leave their mark on downtown park
Visitors to Chapman Square in downtown Portland are finding benches and walkways covered with bird droppings.Crow

Coyote snatched Illinois woman’s pet dog
A suburban Chicago pet owner says her dog was snatched by coyote.

Coyote DNR21 coyotes, no wolves shot in disputed Idaho derby
Organizers of a disputed weekend predator derby in central Idaho’s mountains say 21 coyotes but no wolves were shot by more than 230 hunters who participated.

Illinois preps for possibility of wolf population
Since the first confirmed sighting in the state in 150 years, in 2002, wolf sightings have gone from rare to regular, with at least five in the last three years.

14 bears killed in Nevada’s 3rd bear hunt
Nevada’s third black bear hunting season is in the books.Bear4

2013 New Hampshire bear harvest back down to average
New Hampshire hunters bagged 569 bears last year, a number wildlife experts say is close to ideal.

Bear bit Florida woman in face during attack
Wildlife officials released a report about the confrontation earlier this month between the bear and Susan Chalfant.

Numbers show new Vermont bear season works
More than 10,000 hunters bought special tags to hunt bears during Vermont’s first two-part bear season in 2013.

Vermont fishing regulations change with New Year
Vermont anglers are going to have a number of new fishing opportunities in the New Year.

New Hampshire Fish & Game offers indoor archery leagues
There’s still room in indoor archery leagues being offered by New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department for experienced archers.

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