Wisconsin Outdoor Report for January 2, 2014

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Extreme cold temperatures have made way across Wisconsin and there are no signs of future warmth. There are a few brave ice anglers and snowmobilers around the state but many folks have retreated to warmth. While outside in these extreme conditions please use caution and watch for signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia occurs when your body loses heat faster than it produces heat and your body temperature drops below a normal maintained level. Some signs of hypothermia to watch for include shivering, clumsiness or lack of coordination, slurred speech or mumbling, and confusion or difficulty thinking. If you observe any of those symptoms, contact 911 or see a doctor immediately. Frostbite can happen very quickly in the extreme cold and can be deadly. Take the proper precautions and dress for the weather.


In Washburn County the ice conditions are unsafe on many area lakes. During this past week three fishermen have had vehicles break through the ice in the county. Anglers and anyone else venturing out on the ice anywhere in the state should use extra caution. The fluctuation of temperatures in the last week has caused ice to weaken slightly.


Wolf-1Wisconsin’s 2013 wolf hunting and trapping season will came to an end Monday, December 23 when the DNR closed the last remaining zone open to wolf harvest. Zone 3 was the last wolf hunting zone to close after favorable hunting conditions increased the rate of harvest. The state wolf harvest quota for Zone 3 was set at 71 wolves and the closure process was initiated when wolf 64 was harvested on December 21.


To help ice anglers explore the fantastic fishing found on the 200-plus miles of the Ice fishing Kids Hurst Nick LedwonMississippi River bordering Wisconsin, state fish biologists and conservation wardens stationed along the Mississippi River will host a live online chat Jan. 7. The live chat begins at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 7. To participate, visit dnr.wi.gov, and look for the box on the right to enter the chat, or search the phrase “ask the experts.” Or join the conversation on the DNR Facebook page, www.facebook.com/WIDNR, by clicking the “Cover it Live Chat” box on the top of the page. The backwaters of the Mississippi River offer spectacular ice fishing and this chat will help you prepare for a trip to the great river.


Deer-Casper-SmallThe past two weeks of cold weather has limited the amount of deer hunters participating in the Holiday Hunt, along with coyote and small game hunters. There are many reports coming in of deer feeding in the fields. There have also been a few reports of many turkeys out and about. Most state properties have their ski trails rolled and tracked. Many trails are a little icy due to the above freezing temperature last week. Contact your local park for more details on the ski trails

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