Eagle River, Wisconsin Snowmobile/X-C Ski/Snowshoe/Winter Activity Report. December 29, 2013

NEW:  EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN SNOW REPORT, as of December 29, 2013.

(For lovers of snowmobiling, X-C skiing, and snowshoeing). Information onSnowmobile girl
EACH ACTIVITY - -snowmobiling, X-C skiing and snowshoeing - - is discussed
in detail. In addition Eagle River winter activities and special events are
listed at the end of the report.

*EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN, Snowmobile Capital of the World.®.

Here is some important and detailed information about the trails and
snowmobile opportunities in the Eagle River area:

Snowmobile trails continue to be in good to very good riding condition, with
good trail bases and 10 to 14 inches of snow or more as ground cover (snow
continues falling in the Eagle River area, making for great trail
conditions). Corners can be a bit slippery and you might find some rough
ice areas, and snirt at road crossings. Sled traffic is up. There are
new-to-the-sport riders who may not realize how important it is to stay on
the right side. So be aware and slow down.

Many riders enjoy "woods" riding, and one reason is that the traffic is less
and also the trail conditions will be better. Trails that run parallel to
main roads will degrade a bit. What happens is the liquid calcium chloride
from the road drifts onto the trail. When the temps rise that calcium
chloride starts to "eat" at the trails. When cold weather comes in that
type of degrading won't last long, but at least be aware, as temps do
fluctuate throughout the season.

SnowboardingHere are some specific trail breakdowns:

1. Trail 10E out of Eagle River is hard and icy with less loose snow.
2. Trail 10W that rides on Pincherry Lake Rd. - -off of Hwy G and
Wilderness R. - - had a vehicle drive on it. While it is now out of there,
but there may be some rutting.
3. Brim in town on Trail 13 is nice and high and the Volunteer Fire
Department has begun to build the Ice Castle. That is by the railroad depot
across from the Friendship House restaurant.
4. Catfish Lake Loop and the Eagle Lake Trails are open and marked with
orange barrels. Stay by the barrels to be safe.
5. 9 Mile Trail which is off of Trail 10E and turns into TL-5 (Three Lakes
trail) has a new re-route. Much of the trail on the Three Lakes side has
been moved off of Old Military Rd.
6. There is snirt at the road crossings. Be careful.

Happy to report that Wednesday rides will continue this season. New this
season will be a Tuesday ride. The first Tuesday ride will be January 7,
2014, 2014. Both Tuesday and Wednesday rides start out at the railroad
depot on Trail 13 in Eagle River by the Friendship House restaurant at 9:00

Another great addition to the Eagle River trails is Day Trip Trailer/Tow
Vehicle parking. The parking lot is located by driving north on Hwy. 45 and
turning left on Bluebird Rd. Bluebird Rd. is in between Days Inn and Leif's
Restaurant. Bluebird Rd. curves behind Leif's and that is where the parking
is located. Watch for the signs.

The 100 m

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