A&E IndefinitelySuspends Duck Dynasty Founder and Star Phil Robertson 12-28-2013


A&E Indefinitely Suspends Duck Dynasty Founder and Star Phil Robertson

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This just in: A & E decides to commit corporate suicide…

FREE SPEECH (as long as you agree with what we say is okay.)

FREEDOM OF RELIGION (as long as we approve of what your beliefs are and they are okay with homosexuality and infanticide)

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (as long as we don’t disagree with what makes you happy)
I will be posting, sharing, and talking about the absolute persecution of Phils’s Religious beliefs by A & E.

If he proclaimed he was a believer in Sharia law, nobody would say anything.
If he said he was an Atheist and proclaimed his support of Hedonism, he would be even MORE revered….

This is sheer and utter nonsense. Watch my website, www.aceluciano.com for updates.
Fight on, Phil.
We’re with you

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has been placed on indefinite hiatus from the reality program following his controversial remarks in GQ magazine regarding homosexuality. While the cast member ha…

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