Consultant at Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventures, Cheyenne, WY

This respected outfitter has a well-deserved reputation for producing trophy game animals at very high levels and at reasonable costs. Although the outfitter is in demand, there’s still time to book a hunt for 2014 or 2015. The outfitter offers two types of hunts-one from a tented base camp; the other is a back-pack hunt. Hunters are required to carry a 35-pound pack. The outfitter will customize your adventure in terms of deciding where and how to hunt based on your physical ability. The outfitter has access to some fairly easy to negotiate goat country and tougher, more remote country that requires physical stamina. It’s the same with moose and the other big game hunts. The outfitter’s success rate is close to 100% on good goats. A small outfitter who specializes in personalized service, the outfitter had a year recently where he averaged close to an 85% harvest rate on moose with average spread being 51-inches. Most years, the average moose will be 40- to 45-inches, with the biggest topping 63-inches. The outfitter has three openings for 2014 with only one opening per time slot for either a 1 x 1 or 2 x 1 hunt:

August 29-Sept 08 : 1 x 1 Moose hunt @ $8,900; or a 2 x 1 Moose hunt for $7,500 per person

Sept 08-18: 2 x Moose hunt @ $7500 per person; or 1 x 1 moose hunt @ $8,900 per person

Sept 28-Oct 08 : Either a 1 x 1 Moose hunt @ $8,900; or a 1 x 1 Grizzly/moose combo @ $12,500+$3500 grizzly harvest fee; or a 2 x 1 Moose hunt @ $7,500 per person.

Does not include charter ($1,100), licenses, tax (2.5%, 5% on charter), Hunter Preservation Fee ($200)

For more information contact: or call 307-637-5495.

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