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Be a Hero to a Hero

Give the Gift of HOPE

Never underestimate the power of Hope.


The first day of kayak fishing is like a spark of hope for many of our Heroes.


For many, the fire of hope has all but been extinguished in a sea of frustration and dismay. Many of them are ready to give up.


Sadly, we do not reach all of them in time. 

This Holiday Season, you can help warriors like Anthony by giving generously today.

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Reaching Out to Save Lives

Words of a HOW Volunteer:
Update and follow up after the funeral for a young Marine that lost his battle with PTSD over the weekend. I am broken hearted that we weren’t able to take him fishing…or that he couldn’t find someone to talk to.
…took two guys out today that were battle buddies of his…one of them for the first time with our group.
As we were paddling out, he told me, “Man, this is so beautiful and relaxing, I don’t care if I even catch a fish. I could just paddle around all day.”
Well we didn’t catch any fish, and for the first time, the mission of HOW hit me square between the eyes…
Later this afternoon, he posted on his Facebook…
“I am hooked on yak fishing…Had an incredible day on the water…Man alive, this is a gorgeous day! Thank you Travis, had a freaken blast man!”
He just called me a few minutes ago, to thank me again. I assured him we would have many more adventures together.
Mission accomplished… FREEDOM CAPTURED!

Anthony’s Story

“My name is Anthony Schuman. I am a combat Veteran who served with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. After returning home from Afghanistan I was diagnosed with Vaso-Depressor syndrome and mild PTSD.
In 2012 I was medically discharged from the military. I moved back home to Washington state where I was able to begin recovering. For me it was not easy. Adjustment back to the civilian life was difficult and often times frustrating. The process of adjustment along with PTSD and my illness would often times cause me to distance myself from my family.
Luckily for me it did not take long before I reached out to Heroes on the Water (HOW) and they reached back out to me in a big way.
Fishing has never been a big part of my life. In fact before my deployment I had only ever been fishing twice. But upon my return I began to look for an outlet a place of solace where I could heal my body and soul. Thankfully HOW has helped to get me hooked on Kayak fishing. From my first outing with HOW Northwest Chapter where I got skunked fishing for salmon to the next outing where I had my first experience catching crabs, I was tutored along the way and mentored greatly by the volunteers. Dino Abulencia the director of the northwest chapter has proved a valuable resource and friend.
The experience that HOW gave to me as a wounded warrior has changed me. They have given me a new space to be myself and enjoy the outdoors. They have taught me a skill that I can use to manage my anxiety. The feeling you get when you know that it’s just you on a boat in a lake, a river, an ocean and it was you that did all the hard work and paddling to get there, causes you to let some of your feelings and injuries fall off the boat and be left behind.
Without HOW I don’t know where I would be, or what my life would be like. I do know that positive things have come from being a part of this group and I hope that in the future as my kayak fishing abilities increase that I will be able to provide these same feelings to other soldiers, airman, and marines as a volunteer for HOW.”
Heroes on the Water is a 501(c)(3) public charity with the Guidestar Exchange Seal that relies totally on contributions to provide warriors and their families the therapeutic benefits of kayak fishing at no cost to them. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
You can make a one-time gift or give monthly.
Every gift helps warriors heal.
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