Ultimate Adventure Vehicles for the Seasoned Outdoorsman by Gary A. Engberg 10-5-2013

  It was 1989 when Gunther Holtorf and his wife started out on what was supposed to be an 18-month trip through Africa. Now, nearly 25 years and 500,000 miles later, Holtorf is still going strong. The adventure of a lifetime has turned into, well, a lifetime adventure for Holtorf, as he’s traveled the equivalent of 20 times around the world since his journey began, according to BBC News.

Aside from the sheer length of the journey, Holtorf’s adventure isn’t a stretch to those who enjoy exploring the outside world. There’s a common thread between all travelers and backpackers in the need for an appropriate vehicle to support their lifestyles. Holtorf prefers a Mercedes Benz G Wagen, but here’s a toast to some other vehicles and upgrades that are begging to see the world. Think of them as “adventuremobiles.”

Yamaha Rhino

The 2013 Rhino 700 looks about like a golf cart, but it’s specifically designed for tackling off-road terrain — an ideal “adventuremobile” for any type of playing field — according to Yahama Motor Sports. The Rhino is built tough-as-nails and offers 400 pounds of bed capacity and over 1,200 pounds of towing capacity to get you and your gear wherever you please.

Yamaha Rhino in Yyteri 4

Yamaha Rhino in Finland by kallerna via Wikimedia Commons

Off-Road SUVs

If you’re traveling with the whole family and need a spacious vehicle to overcome the elements there’s a variety of off-road SUVs out there. Models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Range Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser are ideal for larger groups — replete with roof storage racks and plenty of cargo space — ensuring the entire vagabond gang arrives at the trail, according to U.S. News.

The All-New Range Rover In Morocco

Range Rover in Morocco by Land Rover MENA via Flickr


What’s an article on “adventuremobiles” without making mention of the most synonymous vehicle associated with off-roading and freedom? ATVs, or “all-terrain vehicles,” are designed to handle any terrain as the name insists. Their durable design, hefty suspension and ATV tires can conquer just about anything, whether you’re cruising down the beach, scaling sand dunes, zipping through the forest or crawling up a mountain.

ATV Dune Manoeuvre

Dune ATV rider by Ltz Raptor via Wikimedia Commons

Touring Motorcycles

If you’re setting off alone or traveling with just one other companion, a touring motorcycle is a great way to road trip with comfort and storage. Designed for traversing long distances, travel hogs ride lower to the ground than a traditional bike, provide greater back support and feature seats that take the pressure off your legs, Harley Davidson notes. Touring bikes also come with increased storage compartments so you can pull off the road and set up camp nearly anywhere!

Harley-Davdison Road Glide

Harley Davidson Road Glide by Christopher Page via Wikimedia Commons


You’re going to need a place to sleep after a long day of exploring. Adding a camper to the bed of your truck is the perfect refuge. Certain models of camper add-ons sleep up to four and offer enclosed bathrooms for comfort and privacy after everyone’s finished their adventure. If a full blown camper isn’t quite your style, you might look into a camping shell or a truck cap. That way, you can unroll your sleeping bag and rest easy under a solid roof on the road.

No matter where your wanderlust may take you, make sure your ride is up to the challenge. A little research can go a long way!

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