Sportsmen’s Weekly: Early Season Trail Camera Tactics 10-4-2013

October 4, 2013

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Early Season Trail Camera Tactics

There is no doubt that the advent of trail cameras has changed the way we scout. They give you the ability to see what is happening in your favorite hunting areas without having to spend hours in the field educating deer to your presence. It wasn’t all that long ago that hunters got excited about simply getting a few photos of deer, but now that they have been around for a while, cameras have become tools for intense scouting and even herd management.


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Trailblazer Teams with Cabela’s for Ladies Day Out

Are you looking for a way to get your daughter or wife interested in outdoor sports? If so, the perfect opportunity is tomorrow, Saturday, October 5, because the Trailblazer Adventure Program is teaming with Cabela’s to offer you a “Ladies Day Out”!

The Truths About Hunting Whitetails in Wind

Whitetail season is upon us, and with that many of you are hitting the field in hopes of bringing home that trophy buck.  Weather when hunting can serve as our friend, or our mortal enemy and that certainly rings true in the deer hunting world.
Our friends at have weighed in on the truth behind hunting whitetails when the wind is blowing.  Click here to read Brad Fitzpatrick’s advice on high wind hunting.

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