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Please Meet the 2013/2014 Ice Team Pros!!

We are proud to announce the 2013/2014 line-up for Ice Team Pros! You will see that we’ve expanded into additional states and added even more experience and expertise! Please enjoy reading about the Ice Team Pros and visit for more information!!

Dave Genz

Dave is known as “Mr. Ice Fishing” and is credited for leading us into the modern era of ice fishing. Without Dave, ice fishing wouldn’t be where it is today. Dave has influenced most of the ice fishing designs and concepts we use every time we hit the ice, most notably CLAM’s Fish Trap shelters. You will see Dave throughout the country this ice fishing season, as he truly enjoys spreading his experience across the entire ice belt!

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Rick Johnson

Rick has been with Ice Team since Day 1 and has a huge presence and credibility across the ice belt. Rick has many ice fishing titles to his name and is seen as one of the “faces” of ice fishing. Rick is always eager to share his wealth of knowledge with others. Arguably one of our most experienced ice anglers, Rick is on the ice 24/7 and is always learning as he goes–which he then passes onto others throughout the season!

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Jason Durham

Jason is a professional fishing guide and a national fishing educator. Jason is sought out as one of the best teachers in the sport of fishing. He has also written many publications on freshwater fishing. Jason has spent a lot of time guiding and showing others the excitement that the sport of ice fishing brings. A teacher by trade, Jason excels and making sure others enjoy their time on the ice!

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Jeff Andersen

Jeff is a professional fishing guide and the owner of Leisure Outdoors. Jeff appears regularly on the In-Fisherman TV and is a very accredited multi-species angler. Expect to see Jeff holding some monster pike this season! When Jeff is not out chasing down giant pike, he enjoys the photography side of things, where he serves as the head photographer for Ice Team and many of his sponsors.

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Matt Breuer

Matt is a professional fishing guide and the owner of North Country Guides and Promotions. Matt’s versatility on the ice has allowed him to consistently catch trophy fish in all species. He also appears in many publications, both cited and as an author. Matt is also well-noted for ability to catch monster panfish in Northern MN and you can bet you’ll see him hoisting slab crappies and bull bluegills this winter!

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Scott Seibert

Scott is a professional fishing guide and a leader in outdoor promotions. Scott is another one of the original Ice Team Pros who has several ice fishing tournament wins under his belt. Scott spends a lot of time mentoring the youth of our spot. You will see Scott at most Ice Team events because he truly cherishs the time he gets to spend with the ice fishing community and values the opportunity to pass on his experiences with others!

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Shelly Holland

Shelly is a professional angler and promoter who has been teaching others how to ice fish for years. A regular seminar speaker, Shelly excels at relaying her fishing knowledge onto others. Always someone who is smiling and willing to lend a helping hand! If you ever get the opportunity to pick Shelly’s brain then don’t miss out on the chance… as she will pack you full of detailed info on how she turns every day on the ice into a successful one!

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Joe Jackson

Joe has been around the ice belt and back—more than once. He has fished—and won—many top ice fishing tournaments and now you can see his face at most ice fishing shows/events passing on his knowledge to others. Joe has been a part of the ice fishing revolution dating back to the early days of Dave Genz and him traveling the country spreading the word about the berth of the Fish Trap!

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Chris Granrud

Chris has fast-become one of the more accomplished ice fishing guides in Northern MN. Chris guides the great Rainy Lake and you can expect to see some monster fish pictures of Chris this winter! Not only does he land a lot of big fish, but he truly enjoys educating others and ensuring that they have a great time on the ice! Chris thrives on making sure others catch fish and learn from his experiences!

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Terry Tuma

Terry is a member of Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and has literally countless hours of ice fishing educational resources under his belt. Terry also has a weekly radio show where he shares his tips and experiences with other ice fishing die hards! Terry’s wealth of information will be a huge asset to Ice Team and we know he is excited to share all those stories with all of you this winter!

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Jason Mitchell

Jason is a professional angler and guide who also hosts the “Jason Mitchell Outdoors” television show. Jason has established himself by guiding in the summer along with the famous “Perch Patrol” on Devils Lake in the winter. I think most people have come to know Jason Mitchell as a household name, especially during the winter season. Jason has a knack for helping others bring out their inner potential and he truly enjoys the winter season!

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Steve “Zippy” Dahl

Zippy is a professional fishing guide and the founder of the famous Perch Patrol guide service out on Devils Lake. Zippy spends just about every day on the ice and brings unmatched on-ice experience to the team. Zippy’s personality also brings out the best in people and you will have a great time around Zippy! So if it’s jumbo perch or monster walleye, Zippy has seen his fair share through the ice!

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Jim Kusuda

Jim is a professional angler and promoter. Jim also frequents the competitive ice fishing scene where he has established himself and a top tournament angler. You can also see him appear as the kid’s instructor for most of the events he participates in. Jim’s ability to communicate to the youth of the sport is phenomenal and Ice Team is honored to have him as an ambassador to the WI ice fishing community!

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Gary Parsons

Gary is a professional walleye angler and a co-host of Next Bite TV. Gary is the only person to have won “Angler of the Year” titles in three open Professional Walleye Circuits and is arguably one of the best walleye anglers on the planet. Gary’s ability to catch walleyes doesn’t just stop once he leaves the boat either, Gary has been an avid winter walleye angler in his home state of WI for decades as well and is eager to share those experiences with all of you!

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Chase Parsons

Chase is a professional walleye angler and a co-host of Next Bite TV. Chase maintains the title as the youngest full-time walleye angler in the world and consistently earns top finishes throughout the walleye circuits. While Chase me the young-gun on the open water walleye circuit, he has found of way of consistently catching walleyes year-round! Chase’s light-hearted attitude and willingness to help others is a great asset to Ice Team!

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Keith Kavajecz

Keith is a professional walleye angler and a co-host of Next Bite TV. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and has been featured in about every major fishing publication in existence. When it comes to details, Keith is one of the best the walleye world has, but he also passes that skill-set onto other winter species as well, making him a dangerous fish-catching machine!

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Pete Maina

Pete is a professional muskie and pike angler and a co-host of Next Bite TV. Pete is North America’s number one authority on muskie and pike fishing and is internationally known for his prowess with muskie and northern pike. I think it goes without saying, Pete knows how to find and catch big fish! Although the world knows Pete as a muskie expert, his ability to land monster pike through the ice is among the top in the country!

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Chuck Mason

Chuck is a professional angler and guide across many large bodies of water. Chuck is also a well-known on-ice tournament angler who has many Championship appearances under his belt. Chuck frequents the large bodies of water targeting massive walleye and jumbo perch. He also spends a fair amount of time chasing down bites on smaller area lakes. Regardless of where he’s at, he always has his finger on the ice fishing pulse!

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Dennis Kassube

Dennis is a professional angler and promoter. Dennis has spent countless hours chasing fish across Minnesota and South Dakota. His knack for fishing a wide-array of lake types makes him one of the more versatile ice anglers in the game today. So whether it’s crappies, sunfish, perch, walleye, pike, you name it, Dennis targets them and finds a way to put the expansive state of South Dakota in his back pocket during the ice fishing season!

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Kevan Paul

Kevan is a professional fishing guide and promoter. Kevan spends a lot of time giving seminars and targeting fish across the expansive array of Iowa’s glacial lakes. It’s not uncommon to find Kevan appearing on a TV show, sharing his knowledge with the ice fishing world. Kevan also puts on numerous ice fishing events in his home state of Iowa and you’ll see him giving back the community on several occasions through his efforts!

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Rod “Munchy” Woten

Rod is a professional ice angler and accomplished on-ice tournament angler. Rod has many top finishes in tournaments across the ice belt and has fished in most states where ice fishing is available. Most people remember Rod because he is always quick to get involved and lend a help hand. Rod literally travels the entire ice belt appearing at events and sports shows where he thrives on helping others catch more fish!

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Tod Todd

Tod is a professional ice angler and promoter. Tod has competed in several top ice fishing tournaments with outstanding results. You can also expect to see Tod appear on several different TV segments across Illinois and he is seen as the go-to source of information for the state of Illinois. Not uncommon to see Tod quoted in various publications as he travels the ice belt educating others about the tools and tricks of ice fishing!

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Bernie Keefe

Bernie is a professional fishing guide and promoter. Bernie has been operating Broken Antler Outfitters / Fishing with Bernie on Lake Granby and Grand Lake in northern Colorado for 13 years. As a full-time guide, Bernie knows the value of making sure a day on the ice is fun, and I think it’s safe to say anyone who spends any time with Bernie goes away with a handful of laughs! Bernie is on a cutting-edge of Colorado ice fishing!

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Nate Zelinsky

Nate is a professional fishing guide and ice fishing school instructor. Nate is the owner of Tightline Outdoors, where he not only offers year-round guide trips but also caters to the largest on-ice school in Colorado. As an ice fishing instructor, Nate spends a lot of time giving back to the youth and helping grow the sport of ice fishing. Nate is oftentimes quoted as “the busiest angler in Colorado” and he loves to share his passion with others!

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Scott Brauer

Scott is a professional angler and owner of Maki Plastics. Scott spends a lot of time traveling the ice belt promoting the great sport of ice fishing. It’s not uncommon to see an appearance from Scott at most ice fishing venues. An educator by trade, Scott is just one of those anglers who excels at showing others the tricks of becoming a better angler. Scott will sit down with both young and old to make sure everyone has a great time on the ice!

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James Vladyka

James is a professional fishing guide and promoter. James is one of the go-to on-ice talents in the Eastern part of the United States and is responsible for leading a lot of the efforts in that area. Many people call him the “Dave Genz of the East” and he takes a lot of pride in knowing that he has worked hard with Dave throughout the years to establish and positive ice fishing community in Eastern United States!

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Jason Hamilton

Jason is a professional angler and Lake Winnipeg expert. Jason has mastered the big waters (or ice) of Lake Winnipeg—seen as one of the top current destinations for ice anglers—and spends a lot of time teaching others about his successful ways. Jason is also a full-time guide and enjoys seeing others catch fish. Big waters like Lake Winnipeg can be intimidating but Jason has mastered what it takes to be productive–and on any water!

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Ross Robertson

Ross is a professional angler and educator. Having written many articles—and now books—Ross has fast-become one of the country’s top-authorities on big water walleye. Ross spends a lot of time chasing big fish on Lake Erie and brings a lot of skills that he’s always willing to share. Although some of his tactics are outside-the-box, Ross has a unique way of showing the ice fishing world just how much fun, and exciting, the sport can be!

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Tim Moore

Tim is a professional fishing guide and outdoor promoter. You will see Tim chasing down just about every species that swims and you won’t have to ask him any of his secrets—because he is constantly sharing them! Tim continues to blaze new ground and has a ton of exciting winter stories. With a variety of species at his fingertips, except to see some exciting reports this winter from this New Hampshire native!

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Don Cox

Don has been a long-time member of Ice Team; in fact, he roots back to the beginning of Ice Team as a fishing partner to Dave Genz when in Nebraska. Don has some of the largest panfish at his fingertips and you can bet you’ll smile when you hear his reports and see his pictures! Don has seen 2-pound sunfish and 3-pound crappies… all of which come from lakes he holds near to his heart! So get ready for some giant Sandhill action!

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