Great Lakes Week 2013: Milwaukee in the Spotlight; Video Shows Restoration, Sturgeon Slide Show 9-10-2013

Live video coverage continues of Great Lakes Week 2013. Go to our featured web page on Great Lakes Week for live or on demand viewing of Sturgeon-Fry-Baraboo-Releaspresentations on the progress in cleaning up and restoring the Great Lakes and ongoing and emerging challenges.

Milwaukee Estuary progress highlighted today 

Watch our video about progress in cleaning up the Milwaukee River and read about it in this Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine article.

Learn more about the Kinnickinnic River Clean up.

Enjoy the renaissance of the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee through a partnership of public and private entities. Once an eyesore, the area is now a hub of employment, recreation and environmental sustainability.

Celebrate the return of lake sturgeon to the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan. This photo from August 2013 demonstrates that young lake sturgeon stocked in the Milwaukee River have survived and in coming years will provide residents with the thrill of seeing Wisconsin’s largest and longest-lived fish up close.

 lake sturgeon in Milwaukee Harbor



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