Offseason Coyotes Fair Or Not & Working Elk 8-29-2013

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Nebraska officials weigh waterfowl hunting rule tweaks  Duck-Mallard-Small-Sandy
The board will set waterfowl seasons and bag limits for teal, canvasbacks, scaup and Canada geese.

Open season on Ohio squirrels starts Sept. 1
A cold winter may have reduced squirrel densities, but a good season is still expected for hunters of fox, gray, black and red squirrels in Ohio.

Destination Spotlight: Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club
Foxhall Resort is an Oasis for Hunting, Shooting and Outdoors Enthusiasts just outside metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Coyote DNROffseason coyotes: fair game or not?
The late spring, summer and early fall the offseason for coyotes. It’s the time period prior to when furs are prime and traditional fur taking would take place.

Work the elk to set up your best shot
The right mindset, stealth, and positioning are key to setting up a killer elk bowshot.

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