Treestand Quick Climb (see video) Safety Strap M 8-27-2013

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Tuesday 27th of Aug 2013

Treestand Quick Climb (see video) Safety Strap Management. Free Shipping!






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This innovative and inexpensive product is made to be used in conjunction with your Summit, Gorilla, API, Lone Wolf, & Xstand climbing tree stand and certain safety straps. Quick Climb consists of 5 clips which simply attach to the upper cable of your stand. Your safety strap slides into the clip…Read More…

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20 Feet Up’s number one goal is your safety. According to the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association, approximately 10-30% of all falls from a tree stand are fatal – and that 82% of the hunters who fall from tree stands are not wearing a full body harness. National studies indicate that from 2005-2007, 41 hunters died and approx 19,000 suffered treestand related injuries. From 2000-2007 there were approximately 46,860 treestand related injuries!

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