Family Still Desperately Needs Help! 7-20-2013

Rick Collins
Owner at BuckZone Scents
On 07/18/13 1:40 PM, Shelley Collins wrote:
Today is the last day for us to be able to help save the home of a family with a child who is suffering from cancer. I would like to thank Bill Andree, Candi Karsjens, Anthony Smith and Rick Nolan for their donations. We have also heard from a few others who would like to help but unfortunately they are having difficult times as well.
We still need to raise $2016.00. If you can just spare $5.00 to help this family we would greatly appreciate it.
We will make a special page on our website for all who have donated and you will be listed. If you have a business I will also put a link from this page to your business site.
Thank you for your help in this matter. Together we can keep a sick child in her home!
Sincerely,Shelley and Brittany at Gold Buck Project

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