Fishing Report From Gregg Thomas and Battle the Beast Guide Service 7-18-2013

Fishing Report From Battle The Beast

Hi EveryoneAs the summer gets warmer and the water temperatures rise I want you all to think about something.  If you are fishing in the northern lakes of the midwest and the fish are not reacting to the normal bucktail/topwater patterns it might be time to think about moving out to the deeper edges.   I am not only talking about weed edges here but also structural edges.  This would mean main breaks off the structure.  With the advent of the Lake Master and Navionics Chips over the last decade we have now got the capability to have an actual map on our GPS screen.  By having this we can actually see where our boat is in relation to actual structure.  We are able to see where the sharp breaks are and the change in contours as well.  This is pretty interesting, I have seen especially in the hotter water a good percentage of the fish population will migrate to the deeper areas.  Now these can be very mentally tough to fish.  Generally you will receive no follows only fish that are trying to eat…which is great except when you do it for a number hours with nothing.  This type of fishing you have to have confidence in and it can only be gained by doing it.  Here are some things that should help you.  One, look for areas that are close to traditionally good weed beds.  Areas where you have had success in the past either in the early summer or in the early fall.  The major breaks out from them will hold fish throughout the heat period.  Two, look for bait fish.  No matter what type lake you are fishing the muskies will be feeding on something whether it be shad, ciscos, crappie, sunfish, etc… If you pull off the weed edge to the first major break and see bait on your screen it is all the more better that there will be fish using the area.  The last thing about this presentation is always have someone using a stop and go presentation.  At least one person in the bait needs to be using some type of twitch or jerkbait.  Personally I really like some type of soft plastic being used.   The soft plastic whether it be a tube, medussa, bulldawg or big joe, I like them all to have a stop and go retrieve plus I like to be able to vary the depths.  Soft plastic baits sink and with this ability it gives us as anglers the opportunity to fish different depth levels.  Whom ever is throwing the plastic should play around with counting the lure to different depths.  For example some casts should be retrieved as soon as the lure hits the water other it should be given a 10 count before working and some should be allowed to hit bottom and worked back up.  These should all be tried until some type of pattern is established.  By covering more depth levels you can then get a better and more educated decision on what the fish are doing.

Think about fishing the first major break off the weeds when you are on the water.  It might not be the answer but if you try it and gain some confidence you might discover a new pattern for the future.  Good Luck!

Also guys I have had a few cancellation for some trips if you are interested please email me and we can talk about what we will be doing.

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If any of these work for you then please let me know.

Thank You
Gregg Thomas


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