UNLIMITED Legal Protection for Gun Owners 7-17-2013

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Member Services Group Offers Unlimited Financial Protection For Gun Owners


Fort Worth TX, July 2013 Patriot Legal Protection, LLC,– A Texas membership services company that supports 2nd Amendment gun owner rights and the NRA offers unique unlimited financial protection for gun owners (members) who may have to use their firearm in defense of their life or a significant others life anywhere in the United States.  www.patriotlegalprotection.com 


The protection applies to both licensed concealed carry and any legal open carry or possession to their members and regardless of type of firearm used–as long as the firearm used is legal for use by that member in the legal defense of their or a significant others life. 


This makes real sense! Patriot Legal Protection, LLC will help locate experienced attorneys in the member’s area and will pay for the attorney’s direct defense fees in both criminal and civil liability cases filed against their members to resolution of the case. And, there is no limit to the total lawyer payment coverage.


This is NOT an insurance policy which has various limits of support for various fees.


Patriot’s membership fee schedule, information and terms are available at  the company website

www.patriotlegalprotection.com spells out several individual, multi-year, family and combinations such as these basic plans: 


·        Individual conceal carry: $12.95 month or $129.00 a year

·        Annual family (2) $229.00

·        Annual family (3) $329.00


·        Individual open (non-conceal carry) $14.95 month or $149 a year

·        Annual family (2) 259.00

·        Annual family (3) 369.00


There is a one-time $19.95 initial processing fee for monthly plans only.


Joining is amazingly simple: Go to the website and affirm you are legal to possess firearms and or legally licensed to have firearms in your possession in your area. Complete the form and mail in your payment or do all of this online via your credit card.


Patriot Legal Protection, LLC

5616 Malvey Avenue

Fort Worth

TX 76107



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