Horicon Goose Zone Update 7-9-2013

There will be no changes to the Horicon Geese-Small-Goslings-5-5Canada goose hunting zone boundary or tagging/registration process in 2013. There are changes proposed that would begin for the 2014 hunting season.

 Given a number of questions and some confusion surrounding proposed changes to the Horicon goose zone, we wanted to share the following information about the process and timeline. Note that even if approved, changes will not go into effect until 2014.

Based on feedback from the public and staff analysis we are proposing changes to the Horicon goose hunting zone. We are proposing to shrink the size of the Horicon Zone by moving the northern boundary south to Hwy 23 and the western boundary east to Hwy 73. This change would allow us to increase hunting opportunities in the areas removed from the Horicon zone by changing these to the Exterior zone while still maintaining regulations in the area around Horicon marsh needed to control harvest on Canada geese which nest in northern Ontario. Under this proposal, permits and harvest reporting in Horicon would also be managed similar to the Exterior zone, which would provide more up to date harvest information and eliminate the permit application deadline.
Next Steps in the Process:

·         Proposed changes will be discussed at public meetings and hearings during 2013 summer waterfowl rules process

·         The Natural Resources Board will make a final ruling at the 2013 August Board meeting.

·         If approved, changes to Horicon Zone WOULD TAKE EFFECT IN THE 2014 LICENSE YEAR

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