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Greetings from Yamamoto Central!Our apologies for the long absence since our last newsletter. Tons of exciting stuff is going on out here at Yamamoto-land! We’ve been quite busy preparing for the upcoming 2013 ICAST show which opens next week in Las Vegas.

Pretty much anyone who fishes knows that ICAST is where all the fishing industry folks break out their new product for the upcoming fishing season. Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits is known for being, well, a bit understated when it comes to industry shows. We have a good product and we’re proud of it but we’re not big fans of tooting our own horn.

This year is slightly different for us. In addition to premiering several new soft-plastics and new soft plastics colors, we’re rolling out our very own new line of premium hard baits for 2014. In the lineup are two topwater baits, jerkbaits and crankbaits (aimed at three different diving ranges). They combine extreme durability and Gary Yamamoto’s legendary attention to detail with the best of Japanese lure makers’ ability to make a tool resemble a piece of art, all at a price more affordable than the competition. Each lure is outfitted with 1X strong Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and is designed to achieve maximum casting distance, lifelike acoustic footprints, 3-dimensional holographic foil and a custom-tuned action. All four bait styles are available in standard tournament-proven American finishes, along with novel patterns that will create a new list of industry standards.

Our new soft-baits include the longer 9PL 6.75″ Pro Senko (perfect for dropshotting) and the 5.5″ and 3.5″ Swim Senkos. New colors for a variety of plastics are the new Goby and Perch. You can view these products in more detail at our website:

If you’re headed to ICAST next week, we’d love to see you at our booth: #1174. Those of you who can’t make it – fish on! We’ll see you out on the water.

*Our hard bait line will be available for retail purchasing in the late fall. Soft plastics and new colors will be available in early August. Watch the website for more details!

Heidi Roth
Inside Line – Editor


Alabama River BASS Elite
By Bernie Schultz

Crossing the Alabama River just north of Montgomery, I noticed the trees were flooded on both banks below. The river was swollen and running hard from recent rains to the north. It looked so much different than how I remembered it. The last time I fished the river it was much lower and the current was lazy.

Approaching my exit, I wondered how the fishing might have changed. Surely higher water would bring some of the backwaters into play, and since most of the water was coming from the north, they shouldn’t be too stained. I imagined a strong week of largemouth fishing ahead.

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Throw-Back Tactics
By Kyle Schauf

Throw-back: A term that you have most likely heard in the language of bass fishing.  To be clear, the throw back we are talking about here is not in reference to busting out a vintage Bill Dance mesh back Tennessee Vols cap.

What we are referring to comes in various forms, from follow up to second chance, each carrying the same meaning.  Surely every fisherman who’s ever cast a topwater frog or swimjig through a grass bed has had it happen.  An explosive splash or strike, a hook set, but no bass.

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Now You Can Get the Drop On ‘Em – Gamakatsu’s New Swivel Shot Hook
By Stan Fagerstrom
Product Review Editor

I could hear old Pete cussing half way across the lake.

After I’d listened to him turning the air blue three or four times it made me uncomfortable.  I’d known Pete for years and we’d fished together a few times.  I wondered if maybe he’d hooked himself or ran into some other kind of problem where I might be able to help.

The more I thought about it the more uneasy I became.  I don’t like to not pay attention if I feel a friend might be in trouble.  Finally, I reeled in the lure I’d been fishing, fired up my motor and ran over to where old Pete was.

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