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Autumn is Right Around the Corner so be Ready




Photos By: The Colby Simms Outdoors Team






            Fall sneaks up on us sometimes. It often seems that Deer-Mitch1-Buck-smallthe kids are just getting out of school, and then, Labor Day weekend is approaching. Where does the time go? At this writing, we’re already into summer, and my staff guides, my clients and I have been catching many big fish in warm, or even sometimes, really hot June weather, for weeks now.  




*Got To Love Fall




For me, hot weather means fun in the sun, not just for fishing, but for boating, swimming, snorkeling, float trips and scuba diving, and also skiing. I’ve been a dedicated slalom skier for most of my life now. Still, summer also means some hunting too, mostly squirrels for me and my family and friends. I do love summer, but after it’s been really hot for a week or more, my mind starts slipping off to those great memories of fall fishing and hunting, and the relief of cooling autumn breezes.




Yes, fall is actually my favorite time of year, here in the Midwest anyway. In other parts of the world that I get to travel to for my pro fishing career, and for my outdoor sports businesses and media work, fall is already too chilly. At our outfitting company’s fishing guide service and resort locations in places like Canada, and especially up in Alaska where we do most of our trophy salmon and halibut fishing, it’s downright cold, and our seasons are already winding down. Heading further south, like say, to our fishing and eco-adventure tour resort location in Costa Rica, a place where we catch all kinds of species, including big roosterfish and giant marlin, fall is the rainy season when things taper off, and it can be far too wet. Those places are certainly some of the best in the world during peak seasons for those locations, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather spend my fall season, than at home in the Midwest.




Muskie Big DarylHere in the Midwest, the glorious fall weather is just about as good as it gets. Throughout most of this season, across most of this region, the air temperatures are perfect. The humidity is typically low and we often experience nice autumn breezes, light winds that put the icing on the cake for the day. Water temperatures usually hold in or near the optimal range of many game fish species, and with the cooling weather, the fish put the feed bag on, and they do it often, producing some of the hottest action of the year, and many trophies as well. Cooling weather also causes deer, turkey and other animals to move more, as the sweltering summer heat fades away. Game animals start showing up in more predictable fashion, and the whitetail bucks are marking territories and getting ready for mating season. What’s not to love about being outdoors in the fall?




*Prep Work




            Most of us prepare significantly for spring and Turkey Barefieldsummer seasons. Fall however, is one that we often don’t think about until it’s almost on us. Make sure you’ve got all your fishing licenses and hunting game tags you need. For hunters, late summer is the last chance to get food plots in the ground to attract more deer into hunting areas. This is also the best time of year to clear brush from around tree stands and in shooting lanes. If you haven’t made the time, now is it for sighting in rifles and getting practice in with a bow. Use this time to make sure all the gear is ready to go as well.




Something a lot of hunters forget about, and end up having to rush and do at the last minute, is scent elimination of clothing. If you didn’t take care of it at the end of last year’s season, wash all hunting clothing in scent free detergent, and dry, either outdoors, or without scent free dryer sheets. Immediately place these in a zip closed scent free bag, with natural scented wafers. If you did this at the end of last year’s hunting season, add some additional wafers to the bag and close it up tightly.




            Chances are, you’ve worn out some line and lures over the spring and summer fishing seasons. You’ve probably rolled the points over on some hooks, maybe even damaged a rod or reel. Now is the time to get everything into shape. Re-spool fresh line on any reels that need it, and make sure they’re in good working order. Check line guides on rods, by twisting a cotton swab inside the insert to make certain there are no damaged spots that will wear or cut line. Go through and organize tackle boxes and restock whatever lures and terminal tackle that needs replacing.




            This is a good time to get the boat cleaned and organized and ready for the water, so you don’t have to waste valuable time doing this when the fish are biting. This is also the time to plan out your upcoming season, if you haven’t already, and figure out what trips you’re going to take and when. Plan the travel for places away from home, and send in any last minute tournament entry fees.




*Get Out There




            Fall means more hunting opportunities in the Midwest than any other time of year. Fall means some of the most consistent fishing action of the year as well. Fall is also a great time to go hiking, rock climbing, boating, mountain biking, camping, and to enjoy many other outdoor pursuits, in some of the best weather of the year. Don’t let fall sneak up on you, get prepared now, and make the most of this wonderful season. Get out there…




COLBY SIMMS is a multiple-time muskie & bass tournament champion & multiple-time circuit championship title holder, a record holding fishing guide, award winning TV personality, and an internationally renowned award winning writer. He’s Founder & Owner of the Colby Simms Outdoors group of businesses offering unique top quality American made lures, media services, professional promotions, sponsorship opportunities, seminars & public appearances, as well as guided trips & fishing vacations in the United States, Canada, Mexico & Costa Rica, through COLBY SIMMS OUTDOORS at: or 618-521-0526 / 573-358-5948 or .






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