Sportsman Channel is Made in America with 58 Premieres and 18 New Series 6-29-2013

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“Made in America”Chasing SilverBeginning July 1 we’re rolling out all-new lifestyle and character-driven series.
58 Premieres. 18 New Series.

Must Watch
Meet the McMillans Meet the McMillans

July 7
8:30PM ET

It’s finally deer season in Kansas, but before the McMillans open their doors for business, Tom agreed to set aside a week to guide his wife and his niece on early season bow hunts of their own.

Will they get it done in time? And will the girls make Tom proud or drive him crazy?

Elite Archery

Elite Archery

Fresh Tracks with Randy NewbergRandy Newberg’s
New Series
Randy Newberg’s delivering a fresh take on self-guided public land hunts with Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg.

River Fishing For Smallmouth Bass Cold TurkeyThe premiere “Challenge of the Hunt” webisode shows a successful Merriams gobbler hunt despite a snowfall in early spring.

Shaw Grigsby's Fishing Tips KVD Jerk Bait Tips Kevin VanDam shows you how to fish one of his favorite lures, the jerk bait.

Meet the McMillan's

Sportsman Spotlight

Benny Spies of Gun It with Benny Spies
Premiering July 7, 2013 at 10:30PM E/P

Q: What kind of outdoor show is Gun It with Benny Spies and what can viewers expect to see this season?
Benny: Gun It speaks to the outdoor everyman. It’s real, honest, exciting outdoor television that shows all sides of what sportsman encounter. The blood, sweat tears, laughs and good times, before, during, and after our time spent in the field. It’s about hanging out with family, friends and the fun people we meet along the way.

Q: Describe your interesting modes of transportation (i.e. “The Toaster” and the “Secret Weapon”)? What can viewers expect to see?
Benny: Well, what can you say about a 1973 Winnebago Brave without an odometer, a broken tape deck, no heat, 2 broken windshield wipers, and a spare tire that is so bald that it makes your grandpa’s head look hairy. The ’65 Chevelle, a.k.a “Secret Weapon”, is not much better. It reeks of mouse droppings, leaks gas, has a broken windshield, but has an exhaust that makes her sound mean rolling through small town USA.

Q: What are people generally surprised to find out about you and your hunting style?
Benny: That I’m just like them. I love the outdoors. I love to have a good time. I love to enjoy a few beers after a long day on the water or in the field and that it’s not always about shooting the biggest buck, the most pheasants or ducks. It’s about spending time with the people you love and creating lasting memories.

That sounded too soft. I do want to shoot the BIGGEST deer, but I can never find them. I do want to shoot the most ducks, but I can never hit ’em. And I sometimes I drink too many beers after a long day in the field. I’m just saying. Don’t judge.

Q: How can Sportsman Channel viewers interact with you on social media?
Benny: Go to Gun It with Benny Spies on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @Benny Spies. Also, check out my new website for video, product reviews, merchandise, and more.


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