Fishing Report From Gregg Thomas 6-28-2013

Fishing Report From Battle The Beast

Hey everyoneI just wanted send you a fishing report over the last week the fishing has been pretty good with theMuskie GreggThomas2 water temperatures climbing into the lower 70’s. We are starting to see fish chase and finally eat blades with some consistency. For me the 70 degree mark has been the governor for when the blade bite should start good in the spring. We have also been getting fish in open water. Now for those of you that are not familiar with open water fishing the. Let me give you a few guide lines. When casting try to find the smaller basins in the lake. These are the deepest hole (which is relative to the deth of the lake you are on) with the steapest breaks leading into them. Take your boat and using your map chip cast the edges of the hole like you a fishing a weed edge. By following the likes on your graph it makes fishing these hole so much easier. I really like soft plastics when doing this so I will suggest one thing that one of the fisherman should count down their lure and the other should work his back to boat as soon as it hits the water. Meaning one person should let their bait fall before starting their retrieve to cover the deeper water and the other one should start right away to cover the upper levels of the column. Trolling is another great way to cover open water but remember a open water fish might have to me triggered to strike and might ignore a straight retrieve lure. I hope this helps on the water.

I also have some dates available for the rest of the summer. I know some of them are last minute but please email me if you are interested i also attaching some of last weeks catches.

6/29,7/3,7/4,7/14,7/28,7/29,7/30,7/31,8/4,8/22,8/27,8/28,8/29and 9/2…please let me know if you are interested.

Sorry for no pics or the occasional typo I am uploading this report from the road!!

Gregg Thomas
6067766729 cell
P.O.Box 120
Morehead, KY 40351

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