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Young Men Giving Back!
Heartfelt thanks to some fine young men who recognize the sacrifices of our military by making donations to the DFW Chapter to support getting wounded warriors out kayak fishing.

Kyle and his band Peer Pressure participated in a benefit concert and presented $930 in proceeds to the coordinator, George Chrisman.

George and Kyle

Matt, Will and Alex, with birthdays on consecutive days, decided to hold a common birthday party with no personal gifts to be exchanged and the beneficiary to be the DFW Chapter of Heroes on the Water. The gifts to HOW included four rod/reel combinations, another reel, and miscellaneous fishing tackle items along with $510.

Matt, Will, Alex
George, Matt, Will, and Alex

So grateful they caught the vision!

2012 Year in Review


HOW experienced tremendous growth thanks to our supporters:  


37 chapters (+85% increase)  

23 states  

3,038 Veteran Days Kayak Fishing

830 Volunteers

15,505 Volunteer hours

$343,281 Volunteer value

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Western PA Chapter Launches June 1st
Western PA group 6/1/13 first eventWestern PA 6/1/13 Thanks to Josh Edmiston, chapter coordinator, the HOW kayak fishing program is now available in Western Pennsylvania. Follow on Facebook.

NorCal Kelsey Bass Ranch 6/1/13
Nor-Cal Chapter @ Kelsey Bass Ranch June 1st

“It was so cool to finally have a smaller event… we got to focus on the 2 younger vets and take all the time we wanted…. they are hooked”, Don Anglin, coordinator.

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Heroes on the Water


101-C North Greenville Ave. #55

Allen, Texas 75002


Heroes on the Water is a 501(c)(3) public charity that relies totally on contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.

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Becoming a Friend of HOW is crucial in supporting our programs and the services we are providing our injured military personnel and veterans.

Amazingly, the simple sport of kayak fishing has proven to be a powerful source of rehabilitation for thousands of wounded veterans across the country.

Kayak Angler Magazine


New HOW Logo An annual donation of $25 or more entitles you to  Friends of HOW benefits. You will receive a HOW Ddecal to display proudly to assist in the growth of our organization and a free one-year digital subscription to Kayak Angler Magazine for your iPad, Android and desktop, value $9.99. 

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Our freedoms come at a big sacrifice. Together, we can help wounded warriors gain the freedom they fought to protect. FREEDOM CAPTURED.

Thank you for your support!

Heroes on the Water, 101-C N. Greenville Ave. #55, Allen, TX 75002

HOW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to HOW are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

A Tranquil and Healing Experience 
The article “Wounded Vets Overcome Obstacles with Heroes on the Water Program” written by Adam Schaetzle and Beckie Lewis, recreational therapists with Lake City Veterans Administration Medical Center, tells of their experience witnessing the healing benefits of kayak fishing. “Being out on the water creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere”, a positive step for the physically and mentally wounded Veterans they see on a daily basis.

Hall Family 2Hall Family

Our kayak fishing program is successful for three reasons:

1. HOW is responding to the tremendous need of returning Veterans with injuries, visible and invisible. Kayak fishing creates positive memories overriding the negative images and memories from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

2. HOW takes Veterans kayak fishing – providing “triple therapy”:

+ physical exercise – paddling and fishing
+ occupational skills – learning a lifetime activity
+ mental and emotional healing – relaxing outdoors and camaraderie
3. Through the generosity of our donors and leveraged by our cadre of volunteers, HOW provides a free service to our veterans. These brave young men and women are treated with dignity and respect, feel valued and appreciated, giving a tremendous boost to their well-being and social health.

Jim Dolan receives American Airlines Order of the Eagle Award
Jim 2012

Captain James “Jim” Dolan was awarded the American Airlines Order of the Eagle Award for his service as founder and president of Heroes on the Water. The award is presented yearly to three or four American Airlines pilots out of 10,000 who exemplify Service above Self, Heroism in the Air, and Service to Company.


Describing servant leadership, Captain John Hale, Vice President Flight, Chief Pilot American Airlines, stated it is where “me” gives way to “we”, and success is an all-or-nothing proposition. From the Navy Seal standpoint, it is their pledge “to defend those who are unable to defend themselves,” and “leave no man behind”. Captain Hale referenced Robert Greenleaf’s theory stating,”no one will completely trust you as a leader if they don’t witness you acting, ultimately as a servant.”


Captain Hale acknowledged that recipients of the Order of the Eagle Award are representative of the Greenleaf model of true servant leadership. “They had to meet uncertainty with faith, and that faith had to be not only in their own abilities, but also in those of their team. They served best not only from the front, but also from the supporting role that grants trust and authority and if called for, fulfilling a subservient role themselves for the good of all. They had no assurance regarding the outcome, just faith in doing what was right for everyone.”


Captain Dolan’s noble purpose in healing the physical and emotional rehabilitation of our honored military personnel by founding and serving with the Heroes on the Water organization epitomizes Greenleaf’s model.


“Always a servant leader, Jim sought out a way to help thousands of our esteemed service members who return home with physical and emotional injuries that threaten their self-worth. Armed with your leadership abilities and love of the outdoors, you have forever transformed the lives of our wounded warriors. Heroes on the Water motto is “Paddle, Fish, Heal.” Pretty simple, but it is powerful to how the program makes such a difference in the lives of our military personnel who have given so much to our country and for our freedom. That legacy which Jim began with Heroes on the Water will outlast us all and will continue to make a difference in the lives of our military personnel. In the cockpit and in the community, Jim is a consummate professional, and I am proud today to honor you for your outstanding vision and dedication.”


We are grateful for Jim’s heart to give back and his dedicated efforts to grow and sustain Heroes on the Water so thousands of wounded warriors will have access to the program yearly!     

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