Outdoor Horizons Radio with Guest Dave Csanda of Lindner Media Productions 6-11-2013 6-11-2013

 Here is Saturdays Outdoor Horizons Radio with Tony Puccio and Gary Engberg. Tony was on Tony and GaryLake Winnebago this week pre-fishing for the Mercury Nationals. He’s been catching lots of walleyes, but most of them are short and not tournament fish. He’s been fishing the huge mud flats and its been tough.

  Our interview this week is with Dave Csanda of Lindner Media Productions and before was with the Lindner’s at In-Fisherman. Dave is an excellent angler, writer, producer, and does most anything anything you see from the Lindners. Tony and I interviewed Dave at the Madison Fishing Expo.

Walleye-TP-MendotaS5409Tony also talks wit MWC pro, Jim Kissenger, about the fishing on Lake Winnebago for the tournament. The Miller’s Market give-a-way is another muskie bait from Bait Rigs Tackle. Call (608)-212-6464 and leave your name and number to win.

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