Sportsmen’s Weekly: CA Ban on Traditional Ammo May Lead to Ban on All Hunting Ammo 6-7-2013



June 7, 2013


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CA Ban on Traditional Ammo May Lead to Ban on All Hunting Ammo

The California Assembly recently passed a ban on traditional ammunition containing lead that may result in a complete ban on all hunting ammunition. 

Assembly Bill 711, which would outlaw the use of lead for hunting in California, passed the State Assembly on May 22nd by a vote of 44-21.  In a twist that presents a threat to all hunting, passage of AB 771 by the California Senate could stop all hunting with rifles as the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) may consider alternative rifle ammunition as “cop killer bullets” triggering a ban on those as well. 

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‘Anonymous’ Computer Hackers Target PETA


It seems as though People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have found a new enemy in the form of the computer hacking group ‘Anonymous.’   Recently, PETA filed a lawsuit seeking to reveal the personal information of individuals who criticized the organization online. 

In response,  Anonymous issued a ‘Call to Arms”, criticizing PETA for attacking freedom of speech after three individuals posted comments on a story ran by the Huffington Post.

Maine Animal Abuse Registry Bill Defeated


A bill in Maine that would have required the state to create an “animal abuser registry” was killed after the Joint Committee on Criminal Justice and Safety recently voted that the bill “ought not to pass.”  The bill is part of a growing trend of similar legislation that animal rights organizations have been introducing across the country.LD 1289, sponsored by Representative Elizabeth Dickerson (D-Rockland), would have required adults who violate Maine’s animal cruelty laws, or a similar law from another state, to register in their county of residence.   

Low-Impact Deer Hunting: Hide Your Preseason Prep


Last week we compiled a list of pre-season hunting preparations for you to practice this summer, and this week our friends at are helping you prepare for the fall deer season with four simple tips that will give you the edge on those whitetails come fall.These low-impact deer hunting tips provide stealthy tactics on how to hang your tree stand or set-up your ground blind long before the season starts, the right gear to use, and when the best time of day is to s

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