Fishhound Motto: When to Go, Where to Go, What to Throw. Appeals to NPAA Members 6-5-2013


 Forestville, WI – is a relatively new, but fast-growing website that connects Fishhoundbrands to individual anglers to educate them and influence buying decisions.  Vice President of Operations Rick Patri said the concept began about two years ago, and since the 2012 BASS Classic, has exploded from 80,000 Facebook fans to more than 462,000 today.

NPAA National Professional Anglers Association Executive Director Pat Neu welcomed as the newest supporting partner, and said, “Our organization originated in the heart of the walleye belt, but professional anglers live in every corner of the country.  We want fans to know about our mission and goals, and join our organization.” The NPAA is a non-profit organization focused on growing the sport of fishing and increasing the professionalism of its members.


 Patri said, “We want to belong to a group that protects the resources and promotes professionalism among the fishing ranks.  We will have a special offer for NPAA members.  We also want to carry the message about NPAA to a much larger audience.” membership is now counted in the six-figures, he said.  “More people are coming to us, because we’ve taken a social media approach by providing reports on 2,800 US waters.”  Fishhound creates profiles for members, so that those with similar interests and favorite waters become friends with pro-staffers and guides who do the lake reporting.  They also find others to fish with, learn up-to-date lake news, and also post their own stories and photos.  “Members also comment on tackle that works and review products they may be testing for Fishhound,” Patri said. Read More







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