BAREBOW! Goes eBook (digital) and Wins the Top National Award for All eBooks Published in 2012 — in the Sports/Fitness/Recreation Category 5-26-2013

Dear Friend of BAREBOW!,

 I am inviting all my friends and/or past-buyers of BarebowDunnBAREBOW! to visit the brand-new FACEBOOK Page I have created for my award-winning books.  It is a Page which — unlike my personal FACEBOOK Page — will restrict its contents to my nine published books on barebow hunting, AND to my continuing bowhunting adventures and misadventures in the field.  It carries my first BLOG — on the subject of the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing the North American Super Slam with purely instinctive shooting:  “WHY I DID IT THE WAY I DID!”  It also carries a Trophy Photo Gallery, which I intend to expand as time allows:  trophy-quality animals harvested both before and SINCE the completion of my Slam on September 17th, 2004.

 Late last year, I entered my 7-volume BAREBOW! eBook series as a single entry into the category titled, “Sports/Fitness/Recreation” of the national eLit Awards competition for all eBooks published anywhere in the country in 2012.  That meant it had to compete against everything from baseball, football, and basketball — to skiing, hiking, and mountain-climbing — to golf, tennis, and fishing — to aerobics, diet, and exercise.  To my utter astonishment, it won the first-place award: the eLit Gold Award.  With hunting being so “politically incorrect” in this day and age, it is most unusual, I would submit, for anything related to hunting to win any award at all — OUTSIDE the rather insular world of hunting, itself.  The link below will allow you to read the news story as presented by The Outdoor Wire on April 24th, 2013.

 To all of you who consider me a friend, and to all of you who may not yet know me personally — but who might wish, nonetheless, to befriend me in a small way, I have a very small favor to ask.  It will only take a few seconds of your time.  Please visit the new FACEBOOK Page, by clicking on the link provided below, and then please click on the big “Like” button at or near the right-hand top of the page.  If you can spare a couple of extra minutes, why please scroll down the Timeline and click on every “Like” button you can find.  If you have time to read the blog referenced above, why please “Like” that item, especially.  Your granting of this favor will be enormously helpful in getting the new FACEBOOK Page LAUNCHED, because people like to visit Pages (and read items) which lots of other people LIKE! (In case you’re wondering, you don’t have to have your own Facebook Page, in order to “Like” somebody else’s.)

 My heartfelt thanks, in advance, to each of you willing to help out!

 — Dennis

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