NWTF Publishes Article About “Grand National Glory” Documentary 5-11-2013


Minneapolis, Minnesota – The documentary film crew of “Grand National Glory” (GNG) is proud to announce a feature article about the project was recently published in the May/June issue of Turkey Country magazine — the official publication of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). The feature article is found on page 98.

“The article is good timing for us, because the dates for our ‘Donated Call Auctions’ on eBay are coming up fast,” says crew member JJ Reich. “In an effort to raise money to help produce our film, a large batch of custom-made turkey calls will be auctioned off starting Sunday, June 2nd, 2013. Many exclusive call sets have been donated by award-winning call makers, and 100% of the money raised will directly cover expenses to produce this film.”

Learn more at: http://www.grandnationalglory.com/grand-national-glory-donated-calls.php.

Reich is a freelance outdoor writer and is one of the founders for this documentary. As a writer, he carries a strong reputation as a turkey call expert and is the regular “Turkey Calls” columnist for NWTF Turkey Country magazine.

“Decorative turkey calls have always fascinated me,” Reich says. “These folks need to be expert call makers and amazing artists. They are craftsmen and artisans in every sense of the words, and they have always had my utmost respect. It was a natural topic to cover.”

Reich says it would be one thing to talk to some of these guys and write a story, but he knew it just wouldn’t do the topic justice.

“You just can’t see and feel these artists’ passion and work in words,” Reich says. “And, there would be too much material for just one little magazine article. So I knew right away the only real way to do it right was by making a full-length documentary.”

Reich reached out to an old and dear friend, Jon Steinhorst, who holds a master’s degree in fine arts in writing, directing and film production from Columbia College in Chicago. Steinhorst is an independent filmmaker and educator who currently lives only a few miles away from Reich in Minnesota. After a few conversations and several hours of research, the concept of making a documentary about decorative turkey calls was born.

The story line emphasizes the human emotions that call makers face when they compete in call-making contests. Staying true to the art of documentary films, GNG reveals real-life happenings for these three craftsmen … a truthful window into the world of custom turkey calls. To learn more about this documentary, please visit: www.grandnationalglory.com.

The only choice for a film about turkey calls was to go “indie” or independent: The work was produced completely outside of a major film studio system. Much like public television or radio, the significant expenses to produce this documentary are largely being funded by cash donations from viewers who believe in the project. Cash donations can be made here: http://www.grandnationalglory.com/grand-national-glory-donate.php

See below for more information on “Grand National Glory,” a documentary about the competitive art of turkey calls.

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