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Greetings from Yamamoto Central!The Classic is behind us, FLW just wrapped up its second Tour event on Smith Lake and the Elites are roughing it over on the Sabine River this weekend. Seriously. It’s rough over there – did you catch the weigh-in yesterday? I’m guessing the only thing that will keep some of those guys from fallin’ on their sabers is the fact that Falcon is right around the corner.Spring doesn’t officially begin for another week, but as we’ve “sprung” forward this past weekend, I’m officially giving everyone permission to drop everything and head for the water. Everything else can wait!

Well, all right – some of us do have obligations, so until you can kick the tires ‘n light the fires, here are a few articles that will keep your mind where it belongs … on fishing.

“The Meter Man” took charge on Smith Lake last weekend and we’re proud it was our go-to Senko that helped keep him on top. Check out how he feels about closing the deal on the AOY title this year.

Yamamoto Pro Kevin Hawk is debuting in his first tournament as an Elite Angler this weekend. We’ve all been enjoying his new column, Hawk Talk, this past winter. Look for some serious insight into the Elite trail this year from Kevin!

It’s hard not to focus on bait color and appearance. We know – we make close to 100 colors in the 5-inch Senko alone! Lawrence Gunther reminds us that more than sight, fish rely on sound when it comes to foraging. Be sure you’re not ignoring that factor when you load up the boat this weekend.

Stay safe out there!

Heidi Roth
Inside Line – Editor

Ehrler Looks to Hold Onto Hard-Earned Lead
By Pete Robbins

With last week’s start-to-finish win on Smith Lake, California pro Brent Ehrler tied the FLW Tour record for career wins with five. Four of those have come in the past three plus seasons. Now he wants more. Much more.

That’s Ehrler’s nature, as evidenced by the way he fished the Smith tournament. Entering the final day with a lead of over 6 pounds, he figured that a quick 9-pound limit would be enough to put it away. He had that early. Then the wheels started spinning.

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Hawk Talk – Ready to Kick Off the Season
By Kevin Hawk

I had a great time at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Tulsa working for my sponsors and meeting a lot of fishing fans. I tied close to a hundred (not exaggerating) modified Albright knots for anglers who stopped by the Seaguar booth to see how to join a fluorocarbon leader to braided line. With so much practice I can tie that knot twice as fast as I could before which will pay off for me on the water.

After the Classic I drove to Arkansas to pick up my new Ranger Z520C at the Ranger plant and immediately delivered it to Jet-A-Marina so they could install my Lowrance electronics. The guys at Jet-A always do a great job rigging my boat. I finished my road trip down in Dadeville, Alabama at Sign Source where I dropped off my boat to have the wrap installed. It was hard being without my boat for a week, but it gave me an excuse to organize all of my tackle in my garage. It was getting to the point where I had trouble finding things and that’s never good.

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Calling All Fish
By Lawrence Gunther

The ability to hear is often regarded as our least appreciated human sense – at least until it stops working. At the same time, modern day humans seem fixated on sight, which probably stems from our being raised to “look, don’t touch”. Unfortunately, this almost exclusive dependence on sight does little to prepare us to fully appreciate the importance fish place on sound to survive.

Although I was registered blind at age 8, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that my sight diminished to the point where I needed to learn to live without looking. It was then I began to depend on my other senses such as hearing.  It never got stronger; I just became better at using it.  Now, if I drop a coin, I can not only tell the denomination of the coin based on the sound of it hitting and rolling across the floor, but place my hand exactly on the spot where it came to rest.

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