“Understanding Video Formats” 3-14-2013

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March 14th, 3 P.M. EST If you want to create killer video to promote yourself or your products on the Web, you need to know what format will work best. Join Bob Robertson for a two-part video webinar series that will help you create or convert video for optimal Web performance.In the first part of the series, Bob helps you choose the correct video formats as well as convert an existing video to a proper format for Web use.

Bob Robertson

Don’t take a chance on driving viewers away with poor video quality. Make sure videos are properly formatted or converted so you’re putting your best foot forward when using video to promote your business or clients.

Bob Robertson is owner of Robertson Consultants, an interactive marketing and website design firm headquartered in northwest Alabama. Since 2006, Robertson Consultants has been helping businesses get the most out of their online marketing efforts. 





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