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Hey everyone

I just wanted to give you all an update to the spring after the first week of fishing was over. I have to say it has been a roll a coaster of fishing. The water temperatures are a below normal but the fish are still biting. I have to say that it has been tougher than normal. We are dealing with water temps in the low to mid 40’s and the fish seem to be scattered. We are finding fish in the backs of the bays but mainly on the warmer and sunny days. It seems that a lot of fish are using the banks going into the bays. What I have been looking for is areas that are still main channel related or the shorelines that are leading into the bays. Now the fish are have been coming pretty close to shore like they are using them as travel areas into the bays but I haven’t check much off shore. There was some nice fish caught over the weekend in open water including a fish over 50″. It makes things interesting when you are dealing with varying water temperatures like we are now. What it does is place the fish in different areas that are outside the norm and usually results in some nice fish getting caught. The top baits have been rattle baits and glide baits, but a variety of baits from twitch baits and even spoons have been producing fish.  

My predictions are the fish will begin to make there migrations to back of the bays and the water begins to warm more. The weather (excluding a couple cold days) is on the up swing with several days in the 50’s coming. This will push more fish up and trigger a more normal bite for the spring.

 Lastly I want to add that I do have some openings coming up if anyone is interested. I have 4/1,4/2,5/6,6/2 and 6/3 open if anyone is interested as well as several summer dates in Minnesota open. I would like to fill most of them. If you are interested please email me for details. Remember the spring special in Kentucky with 2 days fishing, 2 nights lodging for 2 people fully guided for $575 and 3 days fishing for $875. I wish you all the best of luck and until next time I will be on the water.

Thank You

Gregg Thomas


50.5 inch fish

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