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  Dear Gary, Topics        

  1. HDS class Rogers, MN March 30   
  2. Importing lat and long coordinates from maps    
  3. Scanning docks for fish  
  4. New boat rigging            

 Doctor Sonar

Go Fishing, The Clock is Ticking  


Scanning Docks

Fish relate to docks and it is nice to focus on the areas with the most fish. The first image is the docks.
The next image is the fish and docks circled. The posts have long shadows and the fish have short shadows and both are white dots.
fish and postsAlways use the 455 kHz frequency when scanning shallow since it’s cone is closer to the water surface so it “sees” farther in shallow water.Go Fishing, the Clock is Ticking
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 Entering Waypoints

 Creating waypoints on the water with your GPS is easy with 2 pushes of the waypoint button. But sometimes we have waypoints from maps, friends or secret sources that we want to enter in your GPS and they may be in degrees minutes

or degrees minutes and seconds

You must get it right or the entered waypoint will not be accurate but you can change the format in your Lowrance before you enter them to match your format.

Upcoming Doctor Sonar

 Lowrance HDS Class Rogers, MN
March 30
First on the water events of the season is coming soon.
Learn your sonar and fishing techniques in classroom and on the water setting.
Class size is limited.
Lake Erie April 11-14 
Missouri River April 26-28 


 2013 boat rigging has started.
I rig a new Crestliner and Mercury each year and I have new plans this year.
I will have a Minn Kota Talon on the transom instead of the Vantage since I love shallow fish and I like this idea instead of running a trolling motor in shallow water or pulling my 28 lb anchor (you lose strength when you are 64).I will post pictures as I start the rigging since I have a few new additions to my “Starship Enterprise” boat.

Crestliner Mercury

MKWave Wackers     Lowrance

OptimaSalmo     smooth moves

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