NEW: EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN SNOW REPORT, as of March 11, 2013. 3-10-2013

For lovers of snowmobiling, X-C skiing, and snowshoeingŠSnowboarding
EACH ACTIVITY -- snowmobiling, X-C skiing and snowshoeing -- is discussed in
detail below.    
In addition, Eagle River winter activities and special events are listed at
the end of the report.

*EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN, Snowmobile Capital of the World.®

Here is important, detailed information about the trails and snowmobile
opportunities in the Eagle River area:

The "Proud Groomers of the Snowmobile Capital of the World®", the
Sno-Eagles, Inc." continue to groom the trails.  "It's a great year to be a
sledder," says the website ( <>
 There are all sorts of different conditions out there.  More snow is coming.
Right now the grade heading south out of Eagle River is EXCELLENT.  Trail
10E going east (south side) is VERY GOOD with the road crossing snirty (snow
and dirt).  On the Catfish Lake Loop road, both Spruce and Pine roads are
covered with snow or ice.  These two roads are two of only a few that are
covered with snow and ice.  In the woods, east, west, north and south trails
are great. So to get there you will have to do a bit of adventure sledding.
That's what March brings.  Enjoy and have fun!
  Snowmobile girl Sno-Eagles groomers are still grooming as the snow levels out of town and in
the woods have plenty of snow to groom.  At the crossing they are dragging
snirt up onto the trails.  This clears out in a few feet.  Slushy spots
closer into town are also being smoothed so they can freeze.
 The Catfish Lake Loop and Eagle Lake trails remain in good shape.  The trail
coming off of Eagle Lake at the boat launch side that heads into the woods
is thin and icy.  Both lakes have lots of ice with lots of snow on top.  No
slush.  Stay by the orange reflective barrels.  Lots of folks are riding
non-trails everywhere in the state. Don't do that.  It's really dangerous.
  Remember that there is logging going on near, and in, some locations right
on the trail.  Those areas are clearly marked with signage.  We will keep
you posted. Be careful.

***TRAIL ALERT***  The logging on Trail 10W/7N began over a week ago. There
is a section of about one mile that is graded to allow the logging equipment
to move safely about. This means that that area will be icy, and there will
be logging equipment.  SO SLOW DOWN.  Specifically the area is off of Hwy. G
near Dad's Lake Road (TIN 220).  It is very slippery including on the
straight away.  With the thin base, there is a lot of burn through.
 Alternate Trail 13S is open.  This is the direct route trail between Eagle
River and Three Lakes.  To keep this trail open, do not do any off-trail
riding.  That's essential.
  You can access up to the moment conditions by calling any of the contact
numbers listed at the end of this report, OR going online at <>

*The 100 miles of snowmobile trails in the Eagle River area are groomed,
maintained, and continually inspected by the Sno-Eagles, Inc. Snowmobile
Club.  The club strongly recommends that riders pick up a new 2013
Snow-Eagles trail map at the Chamber of Commerce and various places around
the Eagle River area.
 X-C Ski And Snowshoe Trails In The Eagle River Area:
   There are also many pristine X-C ski and snowshoe trails in the Eagle River
area.  The trails are among the best in the Midwest.  The trails are groomed
for both skating and classic-style-cross-country skiing. We rate the current
ski trail conditions (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being poor and 5 =
excellent), we rate the current ski trail conditions at "4".  The snow
coverage on all Eagle River area trails (Three Eagle, Nordmarka, Anvil) is
excellent.  There may be some debris on the trails, as we have only had
recent dustings of snow.  All local trails are still grooming with the
exception of Afterglow which has closed for the season.  With precipitation
and temperatures mixed, the trail surfaces will become slower and softer.
We are now sure how much longer the trails will be groomed, so get up here
to Eagle River and enjoy this winter-season bounty while you can!

Eagle River area snowshoers will find trekking opportunities on both trails,
and general miles-upon-miles of logging roads.  The trails  are still in
great shape for snowshoeing. As the season starts to wind down, the trails
will begin to thin and wear through, exposing some debris. So get  out as
often as you can.  The Eagle River area snowshoeing trails welcome you.
Check with the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce for up-to-the-minute
information on all trail conditions.  Detailed contact information for the
Eagle River Chamber is available at the end of this report.

For Information: Recorded trail update: 715-479-5185; Eagle River Chamber of
Commerce and Visitors Center - 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; web:

* * *Special winter events in Eagle River:

- -Sat.-Sun., March 16-17, 2013:  2013 Silver Blades Ice Show:  "British
Invasion" at the Eagle River Ice Arena.  The Eagle River Figure Skating Club
announces this year's Silver Blades Ice Show - -"British Invasion."  This
spectacular event will feature our many local skaters skating to musical
arrangements from many popular British artists.  Two shows on Sat., March
16th 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm), and one Show (2:00 pm) on Sunday the 17th.
Tickets will be available at the door for each show.  Adults 16 yrs and up,
$6.00; Children  6-15 yrs. $3.00.  Great fun.  Great show. Eagle River
Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:
Info compiled & distributed by Creative Brilliance. ©2013.
Naomi K. Shapiro or Ray Smith

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