Self Reliance Illustrated Releases Issue 13: The Homesteading Issue 3-9-2013


Issue 13 of Self Reliance Illustrated is all about homesteading. Whether you are getting off the grid or trying to become more self-sufficient, you will find helpful information in this issue. Learn about keeping poultry, home canning, hunting for your family, and stocking a pantry. Get moving by transforming your ATV into the ultimate homestead helper and by exploring mobile bug out options. Learn how to better protect your family with our article on long gun use for home defense, a review on River Rock LED Flashlights, and how to put a handgun bug out box together. Self Reliance Illustrated comes in print, pdf, kindle, or ipad formats.

You’ll find all of this and more in Issue 13 of Self Reliance Illustrated.

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About Self Reliance Illustrated

Self Reliance Illustrated is a bi-monthly publication focused on everything to do with self-reliance. Our writers are experts and every day people who are out living what they are writing about. SRI provides articles about making fire, procuring water, building shelter, finding food, and so much more. SRI strives to help readers find more ways to be self-reliant and enjoy the outdoors. If you’d like to be involved: write for SRI, become a dealer, or subscribe!

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