Back at It, I’ll Be Posting and Writing Today 2-25-2013

  It was a great weekend at the Madison Fishing Expo and I’m beat. I was the M.C. for theGary-2 show and I was busy running around making sure that things ran smoothly. I had to make sure that the speakers and times speaking was constantly being told to the crowds. Plus, running back and forth from the seminar rooms and making sure that microphones and computers were working for the many excellent seminars. The Madison Expo was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I had to drive to Madison and back home everyday. I left home before 7:00 am everyday and didn’t get home till at least 8:00 pm every night. More on the show later, but I’m back and will be posting on my website. So, bear with me as I catch up on my work! I carried a pedometer with me and walked over 12 miles a day on hard concrete. My aching old knees are hurting today.   Thanks as always, Gary

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