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Issue #144 – February 5, 2013
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A Walleye’s Worst Nightmare
Many times over the years we have been asked, “What makes you guys so successful at catching walleyes?” These days we like to smile, point out the graying hair and say something like “Experience …. We’ve been doing this a long time.”, and to a certain extent that is a big part of it.

Quick Strike Lakers
When it comes to wintertime lake trout fishing what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of jigging with a spoon or a tube jig. And for good reason too, that’s a proven technique and two great baits for icing lakers.

Improving Your Ice Fishing Odds
For those that don’t ice fish, it might be difficult to understand what drives an angler to forgo the comforts of his favorite chair in front of the fireplace on cold and blustery winter afternoon in favor of sitting on an over-turned bucket and staring at a hole in the ice?

Keep It Simple
As fishermen it seems to be inherent that we’re all gear junkies to one extent or another. Some are severe, while others more moderate. Whether it’s rods and reels, raingear or the newest fish finder we feel a need to add it to our ever-growing fishing arsenal.

Spring Fishing and Boat Show Visitors to the show not only find a fishing tackle extravaganza with all the new gear and accessories, they also find numerous bargains on last years products. Retail exhibitor’s at the show feature a wide selection of tackle, rods, reels, boats and motors including accessories such as trolling motors, GPS units, underwater cameras and other fishing and boating related products and services. In addition, there are the Manufacturers displays and Pro-Staff who can answer all your questions on their new product offerings.

The Jigerr Tip ups for simpler ice fishing – Great ice fishing accessory!

Dave Mercers Facts of Fishing – Dont Avoid the weeds! Pro angler, host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster emcee Dave Mercer explains why you shouldn’t be avoiding the weeds.

Ice Fishing Hut Roundup – Directory of Ice fishing opportunities in Ontario!

Get North
Ontario Fishing Vacation Directory Search here for your next awesome fishing trip!

Lake Nosbonsing Ice Fishing – Birch Hill Camp

T.J. Quesnel
Ontario Fishing Network

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