Pickwick Report From Steve Hacker 2-8-2013

Water temp: 44-48 degrees
Approx. discharge rate: 149,000 cfs (spillways open) Smallmouth Hacker Glover
elevation: 421
Spent a MAGNIFICENT Wednesday with Ron Glover on Pickwick. Tahoe thermometer said 66 degrees when we came back in at 3:00, bright sun, almost no wind, just a gorgeous day to be out with a good friend catching fish.Water temp was 44.7 when we launched and got as high as 47.9 in some places. Water is—depending on whether your glass is half empty or half full—either heavily stained or slightly muddy. Creeks are pretty much cleared up after all the rains, but main river still has a lot of color. Spillways have been on for a month. TVA projection is for discharge rate to drop into the 120’s(k) in the next couple of days, but we have more heavy rain forecast, some meteorologists calling for another 2-3 inches of rain by mid week next week.

Our mixed bag consisted of smallmouth, largemouth, white bass, and drum–lots of big drum. Spent a good bit of the morning catching white bass for Ron’s wife, who loves them, especially out of this cold water. They’re fat and sassy right now.

Baits that caught fish today were Strike King ½ and ¾ oz football jigs with Rage chunk trailer (what the pictured largemouth came on), just dragged on the bottom, 4 inch white Strike King E-Laz-Tech grub (I think this item may have been discontinued) on ¼ oz. Tour Grade jighead (what the pictured smallmouth came on), SK 6XD crankbait in 562 Chartreuse Belly Craw, 3.5 inch SK Pro Model tube, and several white bass on chartreuse grubs, too, and drum on 4 to 5 inch swim baits. I was shocked that, with the water conditions as they were, that I could not get a bite on a spinnerbait, though I threw it hard on a lot of proven places. Ron also tried a FishHead Spin, but I guess the fish just didn’t feel like eating baits with spinners this day. We were diligent to keep Kick’n’Bass Craw scent on our soft plastic baits and skirts. Except for the white bass–which have a date with some Crisco and cornmeal–all of the other fish were released in great shape.

Many are emailing for spring trips, but my book has already been full for some time. The only days I have left are April 15 and April 29-30. After that I do have some scattered days opening up, but fall is already about full, too.
Our best to you and yours for a wonderful 2013.
God bless,

Steve Hacker

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