Fishing Guides Say ‘NPAA Interests Are in My Best Interests’ 2-5-2013


Forestville, WI-The National Professional Anglers Association ranks include more NPAAFishing Guides Say ‘NPAA Interests are in My Best Interests’and more fishing guides, pushing membership to record levels.  Three guides from Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota shared their reasons for belonging to the Dale Walleyeassociation that is dedicated to protecting and preserving the sport of fishing.

 Chad Schilling of Oahe Wings and Walleyes in South Dakota said, “I’ve never NOT been a member.  The NPAA interests are in my best interests.”  He joined in 1997 when he started guiding, and loves the benefits of the insurance program, member discount program, how NPAA helps his business grow by promoting the sport, and said, “I like being part of something good.”

 With 28 years of guiding as the Wacky Walleye guide service, Dale Stroschein, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, re-joined the NPAA a couple years ago.  He feels that to grow the sport, all pro anglers and guides need to join.  “Too many people sit on their hands.  All of us with passion for the sport should step up and be involved.”  His original NPAA member number was 36, and when it became available a few years ago, he jumped at it.  “It’s also important to be part of what my sponsors believe in,” he said.

 “There’s no manual on being a pro angler or guide,” said Tony Roach.  The Minnesota winter and open water guide of 10 years said, “In fishing, anglers learn from each other.  The same is true in business, that’s why getting together at the annual conference was so beneficial.”  As a first year member, he felt apprehensive about joining years ago when he didn’t know what the NPAA was all about.  “After the first conference, seeing how open and receptive everyone was, and what I learned, it was extremely positive.  I really liked the face-time with existing and potential sponsors and other fishermen.”  Read More


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