Sturgeon Week 2-5-2012

Dear Winnebago System Sturgeon Enthusiasts:
I know everyone is anxiously waiting in anticipation for the festivities of the 2013Sturgeon-Spearing-SignSmall sturgeon spearing season to get underway!  To ramp up anticipation and excitement our DNR staff has created an event known as “Sturgeon Week”.   You may have heard about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, while here in Wisconsin we are creating our own rival event.  Sturgeon Week began yesterday and includes daily information about various sturgeon related topics (for example, today’s topic is about the prospects of large, record breaking fish).  Interested participants can access Sturgeon Week information through the Wisconsin DNR website and clicking on the “Sturgeon Week” icon about half way down the page.
Good luck spearing in the upcoming weeks and remember to enjoy the traditions and cultures of the Winnebago System sturgeon spearing season, because an event of this magnitude doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world!
PRyan P. Koenigs
Fisheries Biologist
Upper Fox – Wolf Fisheries Work Unit
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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