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Dropped: Project Yukon
February 19

Chris and Casey Keefer ascend and stalk a giant berry-eating mountain grizzly within 500 yards in the rugged terrain of the Yukon.

As the brothers arrive in “Church Camp”, they settle in and start to watch snowflakes begin to fall from the Yukon sky. They begin to wait out the storm with no real end in sight. The question remains, how will “mother nature” affect their hunting?

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NRANEWS Cam & Co. NRANEWS Cam & Co. LIVEOne-hour LIVE weekday show offers guests & information on 2nd Amendment and other freedom related issues.

NRA's Guns & Gold

Sportsman Spotlight

NRA’s Guns & Gold

Q: What are some of the biggest highlights and can’t-miss moments in this season of NRA’s Guns & Gold, without giving away too much?
Jim: I was appalled… appalled I tell you! …to watch Phil deconstruct what one couple thought was an exquisite investment-grade antique handgun. The horror…

Q: What is it that you love about historical firearms?
Jim: My favorite guns are those with a specific history – guns that are a tangible link to a specific person or event from our past. The good ones are “goosebump guns” for me.

Q: Is there a gun out there somewhere that you would love to get your hands on?
Jim: Yep…. the first magnum handgun. That would be the Smith & Wesson’s .357 Magnum, Registration No. 1, that was presented to J. Edgar Hoover. It represents a watershed event in firearms design, the model is considered by many to be the finest mass-production handgun ever made, and it was presented to one of the most intriguing public figures of the 20th Century.

Q: Have you seen any really good counterfeit firearms? Tell us about them.
Jim: Anyone who has not seen a counterfeit collectible gun has really not looked at enough guns, or doesn’t yet know enough about them. And anyone who hasn’t been fooled by one can’t really call themselves a collector. Areas particularly susceptible to chicanery include fake historical attribution, any gun where a particular marking will add to the value, and modern engraving on an older gun.


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