(For lovers of snowmobiling, X-C skiing, and snowshoeing).  Information on EACH ACTIVITY – -snowmobiling, X-C skiing and snowshoeing – – is discussed in detail.  In addition Eagle River winter activities and special events are listed at the end of the report.

 *EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN, Snowmobile Capital of the World.®. Pond hockey2ER

Here is some important and detailed information about the trails and snowmobile opportunities in the Eagle River area:

 There is 6 inches of new snow (with more on the way) on top of a hard snow, frozen base – -and everything is groomed!  Trails can be categorized in quality as good, with some dropping a bit to fair.  Bottom line:  Riders are out and the trails are ready for you.  Come and enjoy! 

 Catfish Lake Loop and Eagle Lake Trails are  both marked with the orange reflective barrels.  You can ride safely by the barrels, but do not stray from them. Trails  are marked by the businesses on those trails.  This has never meant that the entire lake is safe.  There are also many lakes that never have trails they are never safe.  So, if you do not see a clearly marked trail and if it’s not on a trail map, it probably is not safe.

Alternate Trail 13S is open once again.  This is the direct route trail between Eagle River and Three Lakes.  To keep this trail open do not do any off trail riding.  That’s essential.

 Remember that there is logging going on near, and in some locations right on the trail.  Those areas are clearly marked with signage.  Right now the logging going on is not in Sno-Eagles Country.  We will keep you posted. Be careful.

You can access up to the moment conditions by calling any of the contact numbers listed at the end of this report, OR going online at

 The 100 miles of snowmobile trails are groomed and maintained by the Sno-Eagles snowmobile club in the Eagle River area and are continually inspected.

 Sno-Eagles Inc. who groom and maintain the trails described strongly recommends that riders pick up a new 2013 Snow-Eagles trail map.

The “Proud Groomers of the Snowmobile Capital of the World®”, the Sno-Eagles, Inc.” continue to groom the trails.  “It’s a great year to be a sledder,” says the website (

 There are many pristine X-C ski and snowshoe trails in the Eagle River area.  The trails are among the best in the Midwest.  The trails are groomed for both skating and classic-style-cross-country skiing.  We rate the current ski trail conditions (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1=poor to 5=excellent) at “3” – – mid-season conditions.  This means there are likely some bumpy areas with possible dirt, grass, rocks, and other debris poking through the base, such as under heavy tree cover.  With new snow accumulation skiers may encounter drifted areas and trail bases remain icy.  Afterglow has full depth classic tracks and a skate lane that is nearly smooth (very good conditions).  The Three Eagle Trail is able to set a classic track.  Nordmarka Trails remain closed.  Anvil trails are pretty well covered with a skied in track.

 Eagle River area snowshoers will find trekking opportunities on both trails and miles upon  miles of logging roads.  Fresh snow has revived Eagle River’s snowshoe trails.  Most of the trails are nicely blanketed in snow, so it’s a great time to pack your snowshoes and enjoy!

Check with the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce for up-to-the-minute information on all trail conditions.  Detailed contact information for the Eagle River Chamber  is available at the end of this report.

Information: Recorded trail update: 715-479-5185; Eagle River Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center ; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; web:


– Sat., Feb. 2, 2013:  50th Anniversary Re-Enactment of the 1st Snowmobile Derby.  Dollar Lake & Chanticleer Inn.  Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:

 – – Sat., Feb. 2, 2013:  2nd Annual Snowshoe Celebration hosted by Tara Lila at her property near Eagle River.  10 am-Dusk.  Guided snowshoe tours, free snowshoe demos, door prizes and raffles including a pair of snowshoes.  Food and refreshments available.  Campfires. Free family fun;

Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:

— The Tundra Trekkers Snowshoe Club has started this season’s activities.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  Meet at the Eagle River YMCA at 5:00 pm for introductions and gear reviews.  We will be trekking on the trails adjacent to the high school.  The loop takes about a half hour – a great trek for newbies, and we will do the loop twice for anyone who is still trying to work off holiday treats. Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400;e-mail:; web:

***** Fri.-Sun., Feb. 8-10, 2013: 8th Annual USA Adult Pond Hockey National Championships. 4 on 4 Pond Hockey Championships held on Dollar Lake at the Chanticleer Inn in Eagle River, Wisconsin. 284 registered teams, 24 specially prepared rinks are set up on the ice of Dollar Lake.  Thousands of participants and fans from 27 states and Canada.  The premier winter ice hockey event anywhere. Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:

-Sat.-Sun. Feb. 16-17, 2013:  Great Northern Sno Cross Series, Eagle River Derby Track. Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:

***** Sat.-Sun., March 2-3, 2013: 23rd Annual Klondike Days. Winter Rendezvous, competitions & demonstrations. One of the country’s greatest and most multi-faceted winter events.  Attended by thousands each year. Authentic Voyageur encampment with re-creators and exhibitions of smithing, muzzle loading, ax throwing, and a chance to see how Eagle River’s earliest settlers and explorers lived.  Largest non-invitational lumberjack competition in the Midwest, and the only one held in winter.   Dog sled weight pulls, horse pulls, ice sculpture, chainsaw carving, Native American exhibits and dancing, snow sculptures, cut, stack & splint contest, snowshoe competition. Artisan exhibits and sale of superb arts & crafts, Amish quilt show and sale. Live music, entertainment, foods include Paul Bunyan burgers, chili, wild rice soup, vegan burgers, and kettle corn.  Family event geared to every taste and age — kids, adults, seniors. Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:

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