Back From Eagle Counting 1-27-2013

  I’m back from doing my regular eagle count for the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council. We had freezing Eagle-Yard-Smallrain here and the count was canceled. But, I missed the email and counted anyway. The Ferry Bluff Eagle Council volunteers count eagles every other Sunday at 10 different locations in the Sauk Prairie area and Lower Wisconsin Riverway. The location I count at with Dr. Tim Moermond and Donna and Bill Stehling is close to the Wollerscheim Winery a mile or so below the Prairie du Sac Dam just off the Wisconsin River.

    In less than 2 hours, I counted 51 bald eagles coming to roost for the night. Of that there were 31 matures eagles and 20 immature. I’m sure this number is even low because there were already eagles roosting deep in the wooded valleys when I arrived. I got some good photos, but I haven’t downloaded them yet. a great afternoon in the Wisconsin outdoors.

Join the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council and help us with these magnificent creatures at or contact me at .  Grab your binoculars or spotting scopes  and come to Sauk City to see these symbols of America!

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