Outdoor Horizons Radio Back on the Air on the Zone Same Time and Call Letters on the Zone 1670 1-18-2013

Tony and Gary Outdoor Horizons Radio with Tony Puccio and Gary Engberg. We are still on the same station owned by Midwest Family Broadcasting at 1670 AM and 106.7 FM, but our call letters are now WOZN the Zone. Our air time is the same, Saturdays at 8:05 am. We are still is the process of getting organized, but things will soon be up to our standards. We are trying different ways to get you the show, so try the link today and hopefully it works. If not, we will find one that will.

Call (608) 212-6464 and leave your name and number to win a Nebulus Floation device for your ATV valued at $500.00

    We have the same great sponsors; Wilderness Fish and Game, Bay Mills Resort and Casino, Schmidt Auto, Miller’s Market, Tuffy Boats, and Becker Law Office. We will give you a better written report as we get organized and where you also can find our show online.

Click and enjoy you should have all our shows in January on the link;    ftp://outdoor:outdoor@

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