Woodland Owners Reminded to File Cutting Notice with County Clerk 1-8-2013

Jan. 8, 2013
FITCHBURG, Wis. — Woodland owners are required under state law to file a DNR Logocutting notice with the county clerk of the county where the woodland is located at least 14 days prior to start of a timber harvest.
“The purpose of the cutting notice is so that counties can compare timber harvests with tax records to see if taxes are owed on the land being cut,” says Eric Grudzinski, forestry law enforcement specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Under NR 26 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code “timber harvest” refers to the harvest of raw forest products including but not limited to pulpwood and logs as well as Christmas trees and firewood that are harvested for commercial purposes. Permits filed during the calendar year 2012 expired on Dec. 31, 2012 and must be renewed for calendar year 2013 if a harvest is planned in 2013.
Fall-Colors-#49A county cutting notice is not required for the following:
? harvesting raw forest products for fuel wood for home consumption;
? harvesting for the purpose of clearing the land for agricultural use; and
? harvesting of boughs or up to five Christmas trees for use by the landowner.
If land is enrolled in the Managed Forest Law or Forest Crop Law, a separate notice must be filed and approved by the local DNR forester before any harvesting can begin. This ensures that the timber is properly marked and the management plan for the property is being followed.
“It can be easy for a landowner to forget these details and we just want remind folks of this responsibility,” Grudzinski said.
For more information on forest management and for a list of DNR foresters by county go to dnr.wi.gov, search for “Forest Landowners” and “Find a Forester” or, for questions about filing a cutting notice with your county, contact your county clerk.

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