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MeatEater Season Three

MeatEater Season 3

MeatEater’s third season includes celebrity guests, including famed “4-Hour” series author Tim Ferriss and TV personality Joe Rogan. Full Story

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MeatEater new episode

January 6

Steven Rinella and special guest, author Tim Ferriss, travel to a remote corner of Alaska to catch the annual migration of the famed Western Arctic caribou herd.

On the open tundra they are met with challenges, wild adventures and grizzlies. After two intense hunts for bull caribou, they feast on a stew of caribou sirloin and root vegetables thickened with bone marrow.

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NRA’s Guns & Gold Returns

As you welcome the New Year,
welcome back a new season of NRA’s Guns and Gold.

Ice-Fishing for Perch

Jigging Up Giant Perch

The In-Fisherman staff gives panfishing tips to bring up giant perch through the ice.

Dropped: Project Yukon

Dropped: Project Yukon

Dropped: Project Yukon Debuts Jan. 15 at 9pm E/P; Special One-hour preview on Jan. 8 at 9PM E/P. Full Story


Sportsman Spotlight

Huntley Ritter of Outlanders Limited Draw

Q: What is your most memorable hunt?
Huntley: My most memorable hunt was calling in a 6×7 mature bull elk up by my cabin in NW Montana within bow range, but without a clean kill shot, and having the opportunity to bugle back and forth with the bull for a solid 60 minutes. Hearing and observing every sound a bull elk can make and doing so at such close range still to this day is an experience that I will never forget and probably never have again. Even though I didn’t take any meat off the mountain that day, it was an experience few ever get to have.

Q: What is something that viewers would be surprised to learn about filming an episode?
Huntley: I was used to always hunting alone, so having somebody with me was odd, and then always looking over and seeing a camera lens pointing at me, and realizing I’m supposed to talk to the lens was very unnatural, when I usually try to be very quiet and blend in to the environment.

Q: How do you like to spend your time when you are not hunting?
Huntley: Either hiking or riding my horses into the back county near my home in Montana, either fishing or looking for a new hunting spot. The possibility of what’s over the next ridge is something that never gets old to me.

Q: What one tip can you give your fans to a successful hunt?
Huntley: The best advice I could give is that I think people move around too much in trying to hunt an area, rather than focus on a very good small area that is within a larger area, sort of like a sub category. For example, if I go to hunt a large piece of public land, I will focus on a very small area within that, and it almost always pays off.

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