Sportsmen’s Weekly: PWR Power Blog: New Congress Brings New Opportunies and New Challenges 1-3-2013

January 3, 2013

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PWR Blog: New Congress Brings New Opportunities and New Challenges

By: Evan Heusinkveld, USSA Director of Government Affairs

It’s common this time of year for political pundits to speculate how the new 113th Congress will impact the lives of everyday Americans. Sportsmen are no different. We also wonder how a newly constituted government made up of a confidently re-elected, lame duck President Obama, a Senate where Democrats increased their majority, and a House where Republicans held fast to their strong majority will make a difference to the future of hunting, fishing, trapping, recreational shooting and more.


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Catch the BIG Ones

If you have tired of nonstop hunting trips and sitting in treestands or huddling in duck blinds, maybe a fishing trip will be the reason for your next outdoor adventure. Don’t let winter weather come between you and the fish. Several states have open tailwaters and open rivers where you can pursue trout or steelhead.

Hunter Input Sought

While deer hunting opportunities are beginning to dwindle across many parts of the country as hunting seasons draw to an end, now is the best time to think ahead toward next fall’s hunting seasons—or the spring turkey hunting season. In fact, many state game departments want to hear from you and will be holding meetings in the weeks and months ahead as those departments make plans for future hunting seasons.

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